Cozy Crib Sheet Tutorial

 Baby it’s cold outside!
And… in our apt. sometimes it’s a bit cold inside too!
So… I made little miss I cozy flannel crib sheet to keep her snuggly warm all night long.
1.Lay out your mattress (it’s a crib sheet in the pic. but a mattress would be best) on your piece of flannel. You need enough room on the short ends to cover the top of each mattress and the side. On the long ends you need enough to cover the top, the sides, and to wrap underneath about 6″. Finish your edges  by folding under twice or serging.

2. Lay your flannel on top of the mattress and pin each corner in a straight line making sure the fabric is nice and snug.

3. Sew along the pin line and trim off the extra fabric

4. Fold your long side up and over the mattress and pin to the short ends.  Stitch to form the corner

 Sweet Dreams!

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