DIY Crib Skirt | Free Tutorial

Have a crib in need of a little spruce up? You can easily make your own crib skirt for just a few bucks!
DIY Crib Skirt
We use a portable crib so even if I wanted to buy a crib skirt it would’ve been hard to find. Instead I headed to the thrift store and picked up a white flat sheet for the base and this darling striped sheet that matches the nursery perfectly. I was so happy with my find!
And I got both sheets for less than $5

DIY Crib Skirt Instructions

Grab some sheets and let’s get started!
A twin sheet was plenty for me but if you are doing all 4 sides of a standard crib or want it extra full you may want a queen.
1. Cut 1 top panel to the size of your crib plus seam allowances.
2. Measure the length from the bottom of your mattress to the floor and the width of each side of the crib. Add a seam allowance and hem to the length and then multiply your width by 1.5 for slight gathers. For a fuller skirt you can multiply by 2 or even 3.
***If you’re looking to save some time and don’t plan on moving your crib you can just cut panels for the sides that will show 🙂
3. Finish the 2 sides of each piece by folding over 1/4″ twice and topstitching and then hem the bottom edge.
4. Sew the top edges of your panels onto the top panel. If you are only doing 2 or 3 panels instead of 4 you can finish the other edge(s) of the top panel with a serger or pinking shears.
***These were so easy that I made one for my Mom’s crib as well. We used a blue striped twin sheet for her standard size crib and it was enough to do 3 sides (I added on one more to the right side after taking this photo)
5. And that’s it! Super easy and a great way to get a custom look for just a few bucks. And now you can hide your laundry basket under the crib and no one will ever know 🙂
If you enjoyed this diy crib skirt tutorial, you should check out our DIY Crib Sheet tutorial. Also, be sure to join our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group. Happy Sewing 🙂

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  1. I’ve been looking to make mini crib sheets for my grandchild when she comes to visit & your site is the best.
    Thank you.

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