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  2. Hi,I’m from Australia and downloaded your essential t shirt and printed on my home printer,( after watching the demonstration on facebook) now I’m totally confused as the pattern is not numbered or labeled to show me were to cut the t shirt out there is too much of everything else on there. So I cut all pieces out and can’t get them together very frustrating i gave in. Please let me know is there an easy way to get this pattern. I have never done a a PDF before. So my question is HELP,I would add I’m a new at sewing

  3. I recently purchased the little gentleman suit jacket pattern and have a question about how to attach the collar. The instructions don’t say it it gets attached to the inside of the jacket or to the outside of the jacket. And the picture really doesn’t clear up this question either. Please help I need to have this done by Thursday. Thanks Pamela

  4. Hello,
    I have purchased your Classic Chino pattern online today and am looking forward to making them. First time I have used your site.
    Can you please confirm that the 1/2″ seams are included in the pattern?

  5. I am trying to make the Altitude Pullover but the pattern did not include the Cuffs and the band! Is tghis a mistake or am I supposed to figure this out on my own?

  6. Is the pattern for Lazy Day tee available? I have had a similar shirt to this in the past and loved it. I would love to be able to make this again. The Sun Kissed tee, is it still available?

  7. I purchased the pocket pillow pattern, but the download disappeared…I suspect my husband (lolol). Can you please resend?


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  10. In case you didn’t realize, the word “Eeny” on your site is spelled incorrectly. I had similar issues on my website which hurt my credibility until someone pointed it out and I discovered some of the services like SpellHelper.com or SpellingCheck.com which help with these type of issues.

  11. DIY Animal Appliqués with FREE template! thank you for the templates. Unfortunately, most of the pictures in the blog lesson on how to DIY appliques are only present as a link and [on my laptop] open as 1/8 inch squares! I thought I should let you know.
    Again thank you for the templates and also the free Ultimate Bib pattern

  12. The Juliet Dress Pattern I ordered today downloaded as an html pattern, not a pdf. How can I print it out?
    You always have the cutest models 😉

  13. bonjour j’ai acheter le hangout hoodies j’ai imprime mon patron et quand j’arrive pour le tracer le devant est plus long que le dos je n’arrive pas a comprendre je sais que je peux faire une robe avec mais j’ai vraiment regarder et j’ai bien prit le chandail mais rien n’arrive je ne sais plus quoi faire pouvez vous m’aider svp.

  14. I downloaded the Sporty Girl’s Skort pattern, and it seems to be missing the skirt back, and waistband pieces. Could you email them to me?

  15. l don’t know what to do l didn’t know these’s patterns have to be downloded l don’t have a printer l thought these were patterns like l get at the store. l thought you sent them to me. So how do l get my money back? Please an thankyou.

  16. I bought the Wildflower Dress pattern and am making it for my 4-year-old granddaughter. I cut out the twirl skirt and while you give instructions for the gathered skirt, fitting the twirl skirt to the bodice does not work the same way as the gathered skirt. I do not think it will fit the bodice without adding gathers, which I didn’t really want to do. There may be a simple solution but I’m unsure about what modifying the pattern myself would do to the overall look. Suggestions?

  17. Eons ago there was a diy for swimsuit coverups made from bath towels. I can’t recall the howto; any chance you might create instruction/pattern? There were several different styles depending on which people sizes and towel sizes were used. Thanks!

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  19. In your tutorial about must-have sewing tools, the very first one about pins and needles is numbered incorrectly. Granted, most sewers know the difference, but you might want to fix it anyway.

  20. Hi, this is Marney Bordy and I am making the ultimate bib and not sure if piece 1 should be placed on the fold it is not clear if not how do sew piece one, the instructions do not say. thank you and best regards. Marney

  21. I am trying to print out my first PDF pattern and I am confused. I have the size selected and see all of the pages to the right that will print of charts, etc. that I won’t print, but how do I know which pages to print for the option I choose? I am working with the Melanie dress and want to do the peplum and short skirt for a top with ruffle top sleeves.

    Thanks for your help.


  22. I downloaded your pattern for a Child’s Apron. There are no measurements for the body of the apron or the straps.

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  24. Would like tomato a kid’s softshell jacket. I heard you had a pattern for one but don’t see it in the patterns. Do you have one?

  25. Hi, I just visit your website and just notice that you are providing guest posts on your website. Let me know if you are interested in the offer and share your best prices as well. Kind regards  

  26. Hello Amy,

    I will make the Lil’ Rascal Romper , but i have a question:
    Is it possible to use kamsaps on the shoulder instead of using the snap placket tutorial?
    How can i change that option?

    Greats Janneke from the Netherlands

  27. Hello,
    Every time I visit your site, AVG warnings pop up – it’s got some bugs alright! And although I really like the posts and the helpful advice, this is the worst site I’ve ever visited as far as annoying ads popping up and flashing and causing major distraction, making it hard to even focus on the real content. Please, let go of some of those ads!
    ALSO, the “decline” cookies DOES NOT WORK. Sure, the “allow cookies” most likely does – this is plain dishonest.
    A Visitor

  28. Hello. I’m very new to sewing and wanted your opinion on the easiest pattern you have for a beginner and the fabric from your shop you recommend to go with it? Thank you.

  29. I want to tell you how much we appreciated your isolation gown pattern. I am Director of Nursing in a small hospital and our PPE was running low. I couldn’t find good fabric to make them out of and came up with the idea of polyester shower curtains! People in the community sewed them for us and they are fabulous! They are much better than flimsy paper ones and can be washed. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  30. I started to download the pattern pieces for the hooded sweatsuit for a 12″ baby doll, but there isn’t a sleeve piece in the download. Can you send me the sleeve pattern via email?

  31. Looking for instructions for easy 30 minute baby quilt please
    Your site is a bit confusing with all the pop ups for me.

  32. I guess it’s me ! I truly feel idk what the word is but I’ve been hours trying to make since of a pattern I was directed from a video online of someone sewing a simple pair of socks ! Lol just socks ! It was a pay pattern and by looking at the pages I seperarated the pages by the pics ! But I kept seeing so many bands ! I see joe it’s for so many minds for sizes but to be honest it’s jumbled up and it’s not clear as it’s confusing cause under the pics it shows all these numbers ! I looked for a video to step you through jumbling through the almost 30 pages and to be honest I’ve lost hope on this ! If there was a video maybe simplifying the process maybe I’d feel more into making them ! I’m so sad cause it wasn’t a free pattern as idk if simplicity has these or just to take a pair of socks and make your own to your own size ! Maybe it’s me ! But when I see the pic of all the pages it’s completly different than the numbers on there ! I don’t need help and you don’t have to comment ! But a video showing how to piece the pattern up ! That would be awesome ! I know everyone has different sizes so it would have to be clear which type and maybe size ! I seen the video of how to sew anouther pattern that was very much like this one with the appliqué ! But this one has very close to the same pattern just a few differnt appliqués again but it’s showing how to sew which I can see from the pics ! And the pics are good to see how it should be sewn but for the pages ! I guess see I have many sizes and types as I can just copy one of course my luck ! But just a note ! It maybe me idk but it is when I separated them by the pics it was way different than the pic it’s self ! Very complex for me that is ! But I hope I do finally get to make this purchase worth it ! But In the future I would have to see what peices and how it’s laid out before I would be up for myself as I am kinda not an experienced with anything other than commercial patterns so maybe that’s why ! I do ty for your time !

  33. I just seen your site on Google search:

    Christmas Tree Skirt Free Pattern & Tutorial – Peek-a-Boo Pages
    Today I have a free pattern and tutorial for a tree skirt to share with you! DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Ideas. In case you …

    I wanted to ask you about one thing.
    Pls could you give me an email of the right person who responsible for marketing, Head of Marketing, so…

  34. I am having a gaping problem on homemade masks near the ear lobes.I am unsure if I should make a dart to take in extra fabric or if I have other options.

  35. I need help can’t down load gown
    I need it asp for a care home x
    I have download pattern and it says 2 pages of A4 which won’t be big x help please

  36. Hey, disregard what I wrote about Peek-a-boo being the source of my compromised email address and a password. When I went to delete my account, the password is not the same as the extortion emails. I guess I assumed that the name of the site looks like a porn site and the extortion emails claim to let all my contacts know I visited a porn site unless I send them money.

  37. I ordered the isolation gown pattern which was free and the pattern is great. Thank you for the pattern. My problem is that the day after creating a password and account, I began to receive extortion emails. I think your on-line site is or was compromised and I think the name of the company made the bad guys think this was a porn site. I am deleting my account and I would like to know when it is safe to use this site again.

  38. Your process to download the FREE oven mitt and Apron is too complicated for me??
    Would you please email me the pattern.
    Thank you

  39. Where’s my order??? I have the receipt that $187.04 was paid, I have been ignored, I paid extra for fast shipping!!!

  40. Hi I’m wondering if it’s ok to sell items that I made from your patterns ? In my little shop It will only be me that sews up the clothes so I’m a really small home based business please let me know thanks

  41. Hello I have ordered some patterns but have had no confirmation on how long it would take for it to arrive.

  42. Hello Amy,
    Is there directions any where to change the snaps to a zipper? I thought I saw it somewhere, but I can’t find it . I could also be mistaken!
    Thank you,
    Donna Debo

  43. good morning. I have 2 orders that are not showing up in my account. One fabric order was placed on jan 24 invoice 292275. I can see the order in my email but not in my account. The second I believe was a pattern order on jan 28. #292831.
    I have accounts on peekaboo and knit fabric and these are not showing up in either account. Can you please check on tis so they can appear in an account? thanks.

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