Having the right sewing machines and tools can really take your projects up a notch and give you a more professional result. There’s lots of good posts here but make sure to check out our comprehensive posts on Sewing Tools, Sewing Supplies, and Sewing Machines

sewing machine guide

Sewing Machine Guide

If you need to learn the parts of a sewing machine then you’ve come to the right place – our Sewing Machine Guide. Sewing machines

DIY Sewing Machine Cover

3-Step DIY Sewing Machine Cover

Have you noticed the organizing frenzy in the blogosphere lately??? It motivates me to clean up my craft corner a bit with a DIY Sewing

how to print pdf sewing patterns

How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns

Printing Digital Sewing Patterns Like many things these days, sewing patterns have gone digital in the form of PDF Sewing Patterns. Learning how to print