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  1. I am having a gaping problem on homemade masks near the ear lobes.I am unsure if I should make a dart to take in extra fabric or if I have other options.

  2. Hey, disregard what I wrote about Peek-a-boo being the source of my compromised email address and a password. When I went to delete my account, the password is not the same as the extortion emails. I guess I assumed that the name of the site looks like a porn site and the extortion emails claim to let all my contacts know I visited a porn site unless I send them money.

  3. I ordered the isolation gown pattern which was free and the pattern is great. Thank you for the pattern. My problem is that the day after creating a password and account, I began to receive extortion emails. I think your on-line site is or was compromised and I think the name of the company made the bad guys think this was a porn site. I am deleting my account and I would like to know when it is safe to use this site again.

  4. Your process to download the FREE oven mitt and Apron is too complicated for me??
    Would you please email me the pattern.
    Thank you

  5. Hi I’m wondering if it’s ok to sell items that I made from your patterns ? In my little shop It will only be me that sews up the clothes so I’m a really small home based business please let me know thanks

  6. Hello I have ordered some patterns but have had no confirmation on how long it would take for it to arrive.

  7. Hello Amy,
    Is there directions any where to change the snaps to a zipper? I thought I saw it somewhere, but I can’t find it . I could also be mistaken!
    Thank you,
    Donna Debo

  8. good morning. I have 2 orders that are not showing up in my account. One fabric order was placed on jan 24 invoice 292275. I can see the order in my email but not in my account. The second I believe was a pattern order on jan 28. #292831.
    I have accounts on peekaboo and knit fabric and these are not showing up in either account. Can you please check on tis so they can appear in an account? thanks.

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