Sewing Accessories for your outfit, children, baby, or home can be a great beginner sewing project. This page shows each of the tutorials we have available. We also have a Sewing Accessories Guide. 

Face Mask Ear Guard

7 Ways to Make an Ear Guard for Face Mask Ear Relief

Home made face masks have become a part of all our lives right now. You may be wearing one to work for hours on end or for only a few minutes during an essential good runs. No matter the case, several issues have come to light concerning face masks that I would like to help with today.

Free Baby Bandana Bib Pattern

#1 FREE Baby Bandana Bib Pattern

Keep your adorable, drool monster clean and dry with this free baby bandana bib pattern! The free baby bandana bib Pattern is FREE when you

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf _ DIY Infinity Scarf Tutorial

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

A DIY infinity scarf is the perfect beginner sewing project.  Today we’ll show you how to sew an infinity scarf. It’s a great fashion accessory