DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

DIY Christmas Wreath

Come make a DIY Christmas Wreath with us today. Christmas is the most wonderful season of the year and it’s almost here! With all the snow I am seeing on Instagram and on the news it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas… Is your home already dressed up to the occasion – Christmas tree & all? Or are you (just like me) dying to being brave to resist the urge to fill every single inch of your home with Christmas decorations? Christmas is my favorite season so I am always excited about everything that surrounds it, including presents, of course. I am actually worse about Christmas than my kids… 

Around here, on this small European corner, the tradition is to get your Christmas tree up sometime between Dec. 1st and the 8th. Nowadays with the consumerism appeal all over the place, some people are giving in and starting to get their Christmas tree up as soon as the first week of November. How is it there where you live? Is there any specific date or tradition your family follows at Christmas time?

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DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

Classic Christmas Wreath or Live Christmas Wreath

I hope you are ready to make a DIY Christmas wreath because we have some great ideas and a tutorial for you today to help you get ready to put together a DIY Christmas.

While the Christmas tree is the central piece of Christmas decor, there is so much more than that, right? What is your favorite Christmas decor piece? I think it is a Christmas wreath. I love them in all styles: a natural wreath or classical Christmas wreath with pine branches, a crafty DIY wreath, a knitted wreath or crocheted wreath, made with felt, or even a wreath made of scrapbook paper! While I love all these different wreath styles, I’m going to show you something unique for this Christmas – a braided homemade Christmas wreath.

This wreath is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit and be the perfect simple DIY Christmas decor to add something to your home this Christmas.

Braided Christmas Wreath Design

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

DIY Christmas Wreath Materials:

  • Three strips of fabric with a (different) Christmas print or solid color of your choice, with 9” x 57” (Note: This was the width of fabric (WOF) for the fabric I used here. I wouldn’t recommend going with a lot less width than that for the wreath.)
  • Fiberfill for stuffing the wreath (about 16-18 oz.)
  • Sewing machine, matching thread, scissors, needle, and safety pins for wreath construction

Let’s Make the DIY Christmas Wreath:

 Wreath Step 1: Cut three strips of fabric with 6” x 57” for the wreath (this was the WOF for this cotton).

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 2: Fold the strip along the long edge, right sides together (RST). Sew one short end and the long edges with a 1/4” seam allowance (SA). You now have a tube. Cut the corner and snip along the long edge.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 3: Turn inside out. Stuff the wreath tubes with fiber fill. Make sure to leave about 2 inches on each end without filling (to reduce bulking when joining all edges together.)

  • Tip #1: Use a long stick (like a broom stick) to help you stuff these wreath tubes.
  • Tip #2: Be generous with the fiber fill for the wreath but do not pack it full. The finished wreath should be a bit stiff  and not too fluffy.
  • Tip #3: Join all three ends together with a safety-pin and braid halfway to check the stuffing. If you think the wreath tubes are too stiff or too fluffy correct it by either taking off a bit of fiber or adding a bit more.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 4: Fold the fabric of the open short ends to the inside, about 1/2 inch. Stitch (to close the openings). 

Pin the short end of all three tubes together and stitch. (Note: I was able to do it with the sewing machine but if you find it too hard – because of the bulkiness – you can do it by hand).

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 5: Braid the stuffed wreath tubes together (note: make sure you make it tight). Secure the three ends together with safety-pins.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 6: Shape the braid into a circle for the wreath. Adjust the tubes so the seams won’t be visible on one side (the right side). 

Hand stitch both ends together closing off the braid into a circle.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 7: (Optional step) Although the place where you stitched both ends together will be hidden with a bow, personally, I prefer to hide it first with a small fabric strap.

Choose a coordinated fabric and cut two rectangles of about 3” x 11”. Join RST and stitch all around, with a 1/4” SA, leaving a small gap to turn the right side out (RSO).

Clip corners and turn RSO. Press.

Place it around the wreath – hiding the stitching line  – and stitch both ends together as close to the wreath as you can, with a zig-zag stitch. Pull the round strap to the back so the stitching (on the strap) won’t be visible from the right side.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 8: Make a wreath bow:

Grab two fabric strips of about 3” x 57” (this was my WOF). Note: If you want your wreath bow to have bigger straps then cut four strips and join them in two.

Place them RST and stitch all around with a 1/4” SA, leaving a small gap (about 2 inches) at the middle of one of the long edges for turning RSO. Tip: Stitch the small edges as an angle to give a cute look to your wreath bow edges.

Clip corners and turn RSO. Press.

Hand stitch or machine stitch the open end closed.

Decide if you want the bow to be placed at the bottom or at the top of the wreath. Place the strap around the wreath and tie it to make a lovely bow for the wreath. (Note: if you have made the optional strap above, place the bow on top of the strap).  

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Wreath Step 9: Add a few embellishments to your wreath if you wish. Tip: You can add an ornament to the center of the wreath or hang it from the bottom of the wreath.

You are done! Hang your lovely new DIY Christmas wreath and admire your work.

DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

 DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

 DIY Christmas Wreath | Make Fun Wreaths This Christmas

Please let us know if you make a braided wreath based on this Christmas tutorial. We would love to see it!

If you have any questions please email me at mail (dot) sarahandmade (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be more than happy to get in touch! We hope you enjoyed Sarah’s wreath DIY tutorial today. We’re sure that her Christmas wreath ideas will help make your Christmas a little more stylish this Christmas. Happy sewing!

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36 Responses

  1. Your wreath looks lovely. I was looking at your tutorial because I made a wreath some years ago and when I hang it up it sags into an odd oval shape. Do you know why this might be or how I might remedy it please?

    1. Over time, the Poly-fill settles. you can re-stuff your tubes, or you can get creative and place a large decoration in the middle that will give it support–a cross stich or embroidery in a hoop comes to mind.

  2. I just found this. I have never made any kind of wreath before but I will make this one. It sounds difficult but also very easy. You could use other fabrics for other seasons as well. Thank you!

  3. I love this idea. I am having trouble finding Christmas material that has a small enough pattern and coordinates well together. I LOVE the fabrics on the tutorial. Could you tell me where you got your fabric? Thanks.

  4. I just tried to make this. It droops to make an oval. Is it because I don’t have enough stuffing? I have a lot, it’s fairly firm. It’s braided pretty tight. What now? Thanks.

    1. Hola, mr encanta. Pero al principio pones 9″ Y luego 6″. Me puedes confirmar cuanto de ancho es. Muchas gracias

  5. Hi, I made one of these back in the 80s My sister took it. I have made smaller ones and they to, my sister took them. I plan on making me some more. I used Christmas fabric. Thank you. From sandra

  6. Did you ever say what the finished size of this wreath is? Sorry if you said and I missed it. Anyway, please let me know the size if you will. (Size of diameter and size of opening in the middle.) Right now I’m making an Easter wreath. Thanks so much, Jane

  7. I’m having trouble putting the ends together of the finished wreath. And is there a way to tie it perfectly!!!

  8. I made a wreath supporting our favorite football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. I doubled the size of the wreath. I left 2 openings along the side seams of the tubes to make stuffing them much easier. I hand stitched the seams to close them up. I don’t see how to upload a photo of it. I can email it to you separately. It turned out great!

  9. My tubes look like they have been stuffed with tangerines. My arms are killing me! Any tips on how to do it properly? I am using the broom handle.

  10. This is a lovely seasonal project, and a quick and easy one. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have almost finished making this wreath as I write – just got the bow to do – and it’s looking good. Here in the UK many people start to decorate their homes on the 1st December, though of course the stores are decorated a LOT earlier. It’s only September and Christmas cards are already appearing in the shops! It’s traditional here to leave decorations up until ’12th Night’ ( 6th January), though I have been known to take ours down on New Years Eve. It has always seemed a little odd to me to start a fresh new year with last years decorations everywhere! But I’m sure I’ll be loathed to pack away your lovely wreath this year. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season.

  11. I love the idea and your tutorial is nice and easy to understand. Except for one thing. In the section of needed materials, you state not to go less than 9″ wide but in the directions, you say to cut 6″ wide. I’m confused as to which to follow?

    1. You will need 6” wide strips for the braid and the remaining 3” are for the bow, so that makes 9” total. 😉 Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. Have a great Holiday season!

      1. I made 6 of these last Christmas and they were easy to make until you hooked them all together at the very top. I also used Christmas fabric. My biggest problem was getting them to make a nice circle when finished. What is the secret to get them round.

  12. I love it! I just bought fabric to make new stockings and was wondering what to make with the leftover fabric. This will be perfect.

    Just curious, roughly how wide is the wreath (diameter)?

    1. Thank you. This is a great project to use those fabric leftovers, yes! The finished wreath is approximately 14” (diameter). Have a merry Holiday season!

  13. I’m Dutch and we always tried to be polite enough to at least wait ’till St. Nick’s holiday was over (5th in the Netherlands, 6th in Belgium. So usually the weekend after I put up my tree. Or try to. Last year we planned to spend Christmas abroad, so I put up my tree a little early.

    I live in Hungary now they also know of Nick (6th), but here it’s a habit that “Jezuska” brings the tree on Christmas eve or Christmas morning, I’m not sure. I’ll never be able to wait that long, the tree it my main point of light during December, I secretly miss it a lot in January.

    Also, on the holiday of the 3 kings, we usually throw out the tree, January 6. We is my Dutch side by the way, after that it’s just weird to still have a tree in the house. Opposite to some Hungarian friends, who choose to keep it ’till the end of January (“it was expensive enough!”)

    1. Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions! We usually put down our tree on the 6th Jan. as well. 🙂 Oh, and I do secretly miss it in January too… 😉

  14. I love wreaths too- one of my very favorite parts of Christmas decorating! In fact, if we’re going to put one up this year, I need to make one ASAP. 😉 Great reminder, great wreath!

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