#1 DIY Ironing Board: Free Ironing Station Tutorial

Fabric Ironing Board

 Today I’m sharing a tutorial for the DIY Ironing Station my husband made for me. If you sew frequently you really need one of these 🙂

DIY Ironing Board

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Now back to the DIY Ironing Board…
Fabric Ironing Board

Pressing is an essential step in sewing and I used to HATE it. With 2 toddlers in the house I couldn’t ever leave my ironing board out without worrying about them knocking it down and getting clunked in the head with an iron. Not to mention that ironing boards are huge and my office  really doesn’t have room for one. So….I came up with the DIY Ironing Board.
fabric ironing station

DIY Ironing Board Instructions

Amazing husband to the rescue! He built a simple shelving unit with a wood ironing surface (MDF) on top. It’s braced underneath the ironing board overhang and bolted into the wall to keep it from tipping. I have a simple iron holder mounted on the wall to keep my iron safely out of reach when not in use. I use the hooks meant for the ironing board for my spray bottle and cord and quite often I hang a pair of scissors there as well.

And no I’m not left-handed but with the layout of my office this was the best way to fit it in (there’s a doorway on the other side and it’s kind of an odd wall). Luckily that hasn’t really bothered me much. Probably from my lack of ironing in the past…no chance to form much of a preference 🙂

If you’re building your own DIY Ironing Board, you can of course choose whatever dimensions you’d like. My station has shelves that are 17″ wide x 33″ tall x 12″ deep. The ironing surface is 36″ long x 15″ wide. This is a perfect size for most of the pressing I do with children’s clothes and smaller fabric cuts. If you mostly work with larger pieces of fabric you may want a larger work space.

Once the DIY Ironing Board base was built I took over the rest of the project 🙂 I wrapped the entire ironing board in batting to give it a little cushion.IMG_9197

I just stapled it in place on the underside using a staple gunIMG_9198

Next I made a pretty cover for the DIY Ironing Board using home decor fabric. I just laid my fabric over the ironing board and cut around it leaving a 3-4″ overhang. IMG_9199

To prevent bulk in the corners I cut a little square out of the 2 back cornersIMG_9200

And then with right sides together sewed up each cornerIMG_9202

Next, I serged my edges and folded over 1/2″ to make a casing. You’ll notice there’s quite a few little tucks and gathers along the corners and that’s fine. It will all be on the underside of the diy ironing board. IMG_9203

Thread some 1/4″ elastic or elastic cording through the casing and try it on the ironing board. Pull until it’s snug and secure your ends (I used cording so I just knotted). And it’s ready to go!

No more excuses for skipping the pressing now 🙂

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16 Responses

  1. Love this! I was looking for a way to tuck a portable ironing board under a table. This is perfect! I am going to cover mine in a large check pattern so I can also have a visual measurement while working.

  2. An idea for how it would work nicely for me: Since I do not have a separate sewing room (or much extra room at all), this would be nice to set up on casters (that lock). Then it can move from a closet or spare bedroom where it could be ‘stored’ to the room where I’m sewing!

  3. I’m going to go look for an old wooden ironing board at a thrift shop. Maybe I could mount the top of that onto a shelf unit. I don’t have a handy husband to make me a top.
    Great idea! Thank you.

    1. You can do it!!! You dont need a man, just a jig saw! Watch some videos -you can do a lot with a jig saw and not cut off your fingers! Lol

  4. Love this! I have a table-top ironing board nearly that size, (mine is about 12 x 30 inches) but like the big ironing board, has to be set up and taken down because that table gets used for everything from dining and games to crafts, and sewing. I’m constantly having to move unfinished projects out of the way for another (different) use of the same table. I’d love to have my ironing station set up like yours. The rack on the wall and storage underneath would come in very handy. Now to convince hubby we need a bigger apartment with that extra room…

  5. Great idea! Love the little one, but I’m going to tear apart my big board to make a larger one with two storage units underneath, too. I will finally get a stable board.

  6. I really like that you made the cover removable! I don’t know that ironing boards get that dirty, but it’d be nice to switch out for new fabric for a small and easy change. Of course if it does get dirty, taking it off to put it in the laundry would be a dream! I wish I did this for our homemade changing table when my girl was a baby. Now I think maybe I might do something like this with baby #2. Anyways, that’s not about ironing boards. I love your space and if I had a setup like yours, I’d probably press more too! Great idea!

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