How to Make Napkins with Mitered Corners

Hi, it’s Nienke again! Today I have a tutorial for napkins for you. Most napkin tutorials I found online use a tiny rolled hem, which is a great way to create napkins of course. However, I also like the look of wider hems, it can be a bit more luxurious. Therefore I made these with a wider hem and a mitered corner. Here’s my tutorial on how to make napkins with mitered corners! DSC_0464s

 This technique is very useful in dress making as well, for corner hems such as in an unlined cardigan or at the corner hem of a wrap skirt. I embellished my napkins with a stenciled star. Yet again I used freezer paper for stenciling explained in my tutorial a while ago, however I used it in reverse this time!


- Fabric. I used plain white cotton, 17×17″ per napkin.

- Fabric paint and a brush.

- Freezer paper.

- Regular sewing supplies, such as pins, matching thread, iron.


Fold and press your hems: first 1/4″ inwards, then another 1/2″ inwards. Press firmly!


Mark the place where both hems meet in the corner. Repeat for the other three corners.


Fold back the hems once, so now the hem is folded in only once. At the photo above the marks are at the blue arrows.


Turn your napkin over. Now the right side is on top.


Fold your napkin so that the marks are on top of each other.


Above another photo of how you should fold the napkin.


Mark a line from the mark on the side to the point where your creases crossed eachother.


Stitch along the line. Cut off the excess seam allowance of the corner. Repeat for the other corners.


Turn the hem towards the wrong side of the fabric. Press.


Topstitch the hem into place.


Cut a star of freezer paper.


Iron the freezer paper onto the napkin.


Paint along the sides of the star shape.


Let the paint dry and remove the freezer paper.


Iron the embellishment to set the paint or check the instructions on your specific brand to see how you can set yours.


Now repeat for all the napkins you need to enjoy a family dinner!

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