Pixie Dust Free Girl’s Dress Tutorial

Pixie Dust Dress on a Girl
The Pixie Dust FREE Girl’s Dress Tutorial!
Pixie Dust Dress on a Girl
Clearly someone loves this dress!
Free Girl's Dress Tutorial
The faux wrap bodice, double layer skirt with handkerchief hem and playful covered buttons make the Free Girl’s Dress Tutorial perfect for my girly
Free Girl's Dress Tutorial
Want to make one too?

1. Grab a pattern for a basic bodice.

Next I altered my pattern pieces. The back is cut on the fold and I made a mirror image of the front and then  angled it down for the faux wrap bodice.
***Note: This dress was pretty ticky to get on and off. If I make it again I would do a zipper or buttons in the back as well.
Cut 1 left and 1 right front bodice in the outer fabric and lining. And then cut your back pieces in the outer and lining (either on the fold or a left and right if you’re doing the zipper/buttons in back)
2. With right sides together (RST) sew the front and back pieces together at the shoulder seams.Sew your button loops using the instructions over at The Cottage Home and baste them to one side of the outer bodice. This will be the top layer
3. With RST sew the outer layer to the liner along the armholes and neckline. Leave the side seams free.
4. Turn right side out by pulling the front pieces through the shoulder seams. Press flat and topstitch the neckline.
5. Baste the top layer of the wrap bodice to the side seam of the under lining. Only baste it to the outer layer; not the lining.
6. Baste the under layer of the bodice to the lining on the opposite side seam.
7. With RST sew the side seams together. Sew front outer layer to the back outer layer and the front lining to the back lining all in one continuous seam.
8. Topstitch the armholes
9. The skirt is a square circle skirt 🙂 Still with me???
Basically you need 2 large squares with a hole out of the middle. Hem all 4 sides. The circumference of the inner hole needs to be the same size or bigger than the circumference of your bodice. I made mine a bit bigger and then gathered it to fit. That was easier and made a bit fuller skirt
If you need help with this Make It & Love It has a great tutorial 
10. The outer layer is sewn RST to the outside of the bodice and the under layer is sewn to the inside of the bodice with the wrong side of the skirt against the right side of the lining
Remember to rotate your skirt pieces so the points are staggered…
 Happy Twirling 🙂

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  1. I like this cute dress and want to make it for my 7 yrs old daughter.can u tell me how much cloth is required thnx

  2. Very cute dress! I have been wanting to do this for a while! Curious as to how much fabric you used? Thanks for sharing

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