Tutorial: Contoured Burp Cloths

My go-to baby gift is burp cloths. They are quick and easy to sew and in my opinion you can never have too many 🙂 Even though my kids are no long in the spit-up phase (thankfully!) I still keep a couple of these in my diaper bag for wiping up spills and cleaning messy hands and faces.
 The contoured shape makes these perfect for tossing over your shoulder
To make a coordinating set of 6 you need 1/2 yard of flannel in 3 different prints.
From each print I cut out 4 rectangles 18″ long and 11″ wide. Then I stacked them up and cut out a contour shape.
With right sides together stack 2 pieces together and sew around all edges leaving a 3″ gap at one end. Clip the seam allowance at the curve so it will lay flat after turning.
 Turn it right side out and tuck in your raw edges along the 3″ gap. Press flat and then topstitch around the entire edge.
 Repeat 5 more times 🙂
 Happy Sewing 🙂

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