Toddler Halloween Handprint Art

My 2 year old boy is obsessed with Halloween and pumpkins! This Halloween handprint art project is perfect for a morning activity, it will take about an hour from start to finish, depending on how many projects you make! Everything here is adaptable, but here are the supplies I used so you can start prepared. Take a look at the various Halloween creatures we made and hopefully get inspired yourself!

Halloween Art Supplies

Black, white and orange construction paper
Black, white, green, orange and yellow acrylic paint
A variety of paintbrushes
Paper plates
Access to a sink for washing paint!
Black sharpie
Variety of googly eyes
Hot glue gun

Let the Fun Begin!

1. Start by identifying which Halloween creatures you’d like to make! My son loves pumpkins and monsters, so I was sure to plan for that. Cut construction paper in half and make a few extras in case things go wrong and you need another paper quickly!

2. Be sure you explain to your child what you are doing, or even show them a picture of the goal. This will help your child get into it, as you’re painting their hands and feet. Painting children’s hands is a sensory experience, so take it slow and be prepared to do a little at a time if that’s what your child needs!

3. Start painting your child’s hand with the first color, and think about what color papers you’d like to print this on, so you don’t have to paint and wash over and over. For example, I used white paint for the ghost and the mummy, so I paired those together.

4. Be sure the paint is wet when stamping their hand down! If you really need any adjustments you can use your paintbrush to touch up sections as needed. Just try to keep as much detail from the handprint as possible!

The Finishing Touches

When you’ve completed all your stamping, wash your kid up entirely, and I recommend sending them to watch a show or play in a different room while you finish up the accents and clean up! If your child is old enough, they could add the detail on their own too! Googly eyes really make these projects fun, use them if you can!

Happy Halloween!

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