Sewing Machine Foot Pedal | How to Use It

I’m going to give you way too much information on this basic topic of how to use a sewing machine foot pedal…I’d rather give you too much info instead of too little!

Guide to the Sewing Machine Foot Pedal

What is a Sewing Machine Foot Pedal?

Sewing machine foot pedals control the speed of your sewing machine, serger, cover stitch machine, etc. Using the foot pedal to control the speed allows you to use your hands to guide the fabric. You can start and stop sewing with the foot pedal. The more you press down on the foot pedal, the faster the machine goes.

Setting Up Your Foot Pedal?

Setting up a sewing machine pedal is pretty basic and pretty intuitive. Different brands of sewing machines have different types of pedal plugs. This means you can’t use the same pedal on everything. However, typically the same brand has the same adaptor. I have a Brother Coverstitch, a Janome Serger, and a Janome Sewing Machine. 3 different machines, but 2 different makers, so I can get by using 2 pedals which saves me some space and tangled wire.

Sewing Machine Foot Pedal | How to Use It

Plugs go in on the side of your machine (also where your power switch is). There are two cords coming out. One goes to an electrical outlet, the other is attached to the pedal. I have a power strip under my sewing table that everything plugs into so it’s easier to reach.

You can also purchase a replacement foot pedal if you need one.

sewing machine foot pedal

Using the Foot Pedal on Your Sewing Machine

Once you have everything set up, turn on the machine, place your fabric, and lower the foot. Thanks to the miracles of electricity, you just need to depress the pedal to have the needle go up and down. The more you depress the pedal, the faster the needle moves.

Ease into it at first. I recommend just playing with some scrap fabric until you get a feel for your pedals. Below are videos of the needles speeding up and slowing down on both my serger and my sewing machine so you can have an idea of what to expect!

Hopefully this gives you more confidence in your machine and sewing! We also have our Facebook group, which is a great community of sewers and a good place to go for questions, sewing inspiration, and giveaways!

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