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Sewing Clothes 101

Welcome to Peek-a-Boo Pages! Today, we’re excited to share some tips and tricks for sewing clothes and a variety of sew-along to help you get through some basic sewing patterns. As always, make sure to get your sewing patterns at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop where we help you easily sew stylish handmade clothing.

We’ll also share a round-up of some of our favorite blog posts throughout the years that will help you get started sewing for your own family. These come from different blog contributors throughout the years. We’ll also point you in the right direction to choose patterns and fabric for apparel sewing.

Whether you’re just getting started or are a seasoned sewer, these techniques will help you create garments that fit you perfectly and look professionally made. So grab your sewing machine, and let’s start creating some beautiful, custom-made clothing!”

Sewing Clothes | Why Should I sew My Own Clothing

Our customers love sewing their own clothing! Here are a few reasons:

  1. Custom Fit: When you sew your clothes or clothes for the ones you love, you can ensure that they fit perfectly. Many people struggle to find clothes that fit well in the store.
  2. Personal Expression: When you create your own clothing, you can express your style and create one-of-a-kind garments.
  3. Sense of Accomplishment: There is a sense of accomplishment that comes from creating something with your own hands. Sewing is a rewarding hobby!
  4. Customizable: If you can’t find a piece of clothing with all the features you want, you can make it yourself.

Sewing clothes is a skill that anyone with a little practice can learn. If you’re interested in learning, let’s go through a few of our resources:

Sewing 101

We’ll start with a few articles that will help walk you through some sewing basics – from sewing terms and vocabulary to sewing a button or choosing the right material, we have some tips for you. These tips work well whether you’re looking to sew clothing or other home decor items.

The World of PDF Sewing Patterns

Here at Peek-a-Boo, we specialize in PDF Sewing Patterns. PDF sewing patterns are digital sewing patterns that can be downloaded and printed at home. They are popular among sewers for many reasons:

  1. Convenience: PDF sewing patterns can be downloaded and printed immediately.
  2. Variety: You have wide access to hundreds of sewing patterns. We have around 300 at Peek-a-Boo.
  3. Cost-effective: PDF patterns are often less expensive than printed patterns.
  4. Space-saving: PDF patterns take up less physical space than printed patterns, and you can easily store them on your computer or tablet. As noted in the post below, you can also use them with a projector.
  5. Environmentally friendly: By using digital patterns, you save on paper and packaging materials.
  6. Customizable: Some PDF patterns have layers, meaning you can print only the size you need, or you can adjust the pattern to your liking.

PDF patterns are a great option for both beginners and experienced sewers. For more information, take a look at some of the articles below.

Sew Alongs

When you’re getting started on your sewing journey, then following along with someone else can be helpful. For that reason, we offer several sew-along posts where seamstresses take our sewing patterns and take you step by step through them.

These sew along can be a fun way to see how others are doing things and improve your own skills. Take a look at some of these sew-alongs below and follow along.

How to Sew…..Some Advanced Techniques

If you are an experienced sewist looking to take your sewing to the next level, then we have a variety of posts on advanced techniques. You can find a variety of these over in our Sewing 101 section, which will teach you about a wide range of options for sewing clothes in different ways.

These posts will explore more complex techniques to help you create professional-looking clothing or home decor. These are indeed a way to elevate your sewing techniques.

Here’s a small sampling:

Sewing Machines & Tools

Whether you’re a beginner, or an advanced seamstress, having the right tools and machines is essential to creating professional-looking clothing.

We have a variety of posts that go over different sewing machines, sergers, and coverstitch machines for all levels of sewers. These articles provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions for purchasing or upgrading a machine.

Sewing Accessories

Sewing accessories for your wardrobe, or fun accessories for your kids play, is a fun way to get started sewing clothes. Here’s a few ideas – from scarfs, to

Sewing Knit Fabric

Here at Peek-a-Boo, we love sewing knit fabric – it really ups your apparel sewing possibilities. We even have our sister site where we offer higher quality apparel fabrics, at better prices, with flat rate shipping.

Sewing with knit fabric is a little bit different than sewing with woven fabric. Knit fabric is stretchier and that has to be taken into account. Things like using a walking foot, using a serger, and more can be helpful. Here are a few articles to help get you started:

Sewing a Swimsuit

Once you get started on your sewing journey, the possibilities are endless for sewing clothes – you might even get the courage to sew a swimsuit. Sewing your own swimsuit will provide you with a variety of benefits, including a custom fit, durability, the ability to use fun swimsuit fabrics, and the sense of accomplishment of sewing your own swimsuit.

Thank you so much for joining us today to learn about sewing clothes. As noted above, there are a ton of benefits to sewing clothes for you or your family. Before you leave, make sure to come and join us over in the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group. You can get help with your sewing and share what you make.

Happy Sewing!

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