Sew Alongs are always hosted right here on the blog and I post lots of helpful tips and tricks for throughout the week as we all sew up the same pattern together. At the end of the week everyone shares what they have made and winners are drawn for fun prizes!

Past Sew Alongs:

Aspen, Alpental & Altitude
Bahama Mama Swim
Bodysuit & Lap Tee
Classic Oxford
Hangout Hoodie
Hyak & Huckleberry
Olivia & Oliver Pea Coat
Okey Dokey & Oopsy Daisy Overalls
Pemberley & Piccadilly
Rio Racerback & Maui Muscle Tee
Savannah Pleated Party Dress
Skinny Jeans
Socks & Undies
V-Neck Cardigan

13 Responses

  1. I am looking for direction and the other pattern pieces for the star spangled skort. The PDF is just the under shorts.

    1. I am sitting here trying to figure out this exact thing. Also should there be a band for the waist? I would also like directions for the pockets.

  2. When sewing the horizontal seam of the collar in Varsity Cowl is it sewn at a 1/2 or 1/4 inch? I am having trouble getting it to lay flat with no puckers.
    Any chance of a video?


  3. Hi
    I’ve recently purchased several of your patterns as I have a disabled son who requires adaptive clothing your patterns are fantastic and could really help but could you give me advice as I’d like to increase the size with lullaby inseam pjs and the duck duck goose vestsAs my son is a big 5 year old.
    I’d also like to reverse the zip to the back of the classic zipper pjs and unsure what adjustments to make.would you be able to give me some ideas please?
    I would love to make him his own style of clothes as the ones we get in the UK are very boring and not child friendly. Thank you Donna

  4. Someone on Facebook had some Peek-a-Boo Stuffed Animal Patterns for a Unicorn, Elephant, Penguin and I can’t remember what else. I wasn’t able to purchase any at the time and apparently the person I thought was selling them doesn’t know what they are. Does anyone have any of the patterns for these cute toys?

  5. I’m in the middle of the cape cod outfits and am having problems with the collar. I’ve rechecked my pattern and what I have cut (I had followed the wrong line but have fixed that) and the collar is still short of the placket. What do you suppose that have I done wrong?

  6. I’m having trouble finding the directions on the Melanie dress, how to make it sleeveless. It said go to #17, but there are no instructions.

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