5 Way How to Turn Fabric Tubes Right Side Out

How to Turn Fabric Tubes Right Side Out

Let’s learn how to turn fabric tubes right side out. Turning a tiny fabric tube right side out can be one of the most frustrating sewing tasks possible if you don’t know a trick for making it easier. Fortunately for you, I have rounded up 6 different methods for easily turning even the smallest of fabric tubes.

How to Turn Fabric Tubes Right Side Out

Method 1: Easy Peasy Spaghetti Straps with a Serger from Refashion Mama


2. Turn fabric with a turning tube & stick from Andrea’s Notebook


3. Turning tubes with a tapestry needle & thread from Blooms and Bugs


4. Turning a tube with a safety pin from Make It & Love It


5. Turn skinny tubes with a hemostat from Sew4Home


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  1. Hi, I’ve always used the safety pin method. It can be frustrating at times if the tube is really narrow like making doll clothes or dollhouse items, but I persevere and it really pays off.

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