How to Sew Underwear | Underwear Sewing Patterns for Boys and Girls

How to Sew Underwear

Hi! We’re here today to show you how to sew underwear with the underwear sewing patterns from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. This step-by-step tutorial will help you sew up some briefs and panties for your kids.

My name is Miah and I am a round 2 mom. What I mean by that is, I’ve got 2 adult children ages 25 and 23 (round 1), and 2 littles, age 5 and 3 (round 2). This second time around I’m doing things I wish I could have done with the older kids. One of those things is making clothes. Now that the little kids are potty trained undies are a big deal around here (also known as big kid pants) and that brings us to todays topic, sewing underwear.

How to Sew Underwear

Sewing underwear is a fantastic way to use up some of the scraps that have been staring at you from the corner of your sewing room, and if you’re new to using a serger, it’s good practice for sewing bands in the round. Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has some great patterns that have a couple of options to pick from.

Today I’ll show you how I sewed up the Basic Briefs underwear and view b of the Classic Panties underwear. Before we get to the good part let’s make sure we have what we need.

Underwear Material List:

  • Knit Fabric With 4 Way Stretch
  • Scissors or a Rotary Cutting Tool
  • Cutting Mat
  • Ruler
  • Sewing Machine or Serger
  • Thread

Cutting Out the Underwear Pattern Pieces and Fabric

First things, first; we need to figure out what size we need to get our pattern pieces cut out. Once you have your measurements check the sizing chart and select your size. I use a projector (not necessary as PAB has several options to pick from to get your pattern) and PAB has one of my top 3 projector files.

For more information on sewing with projectors, take a look at the Using a Projector for Sewing Patterns post.

After we get our pieces cut out, I like to take inventory to make sure there was nothing l forgot (because as we know life can be distracting) You should have a pile that looks similar to this for the classic briefs:

Sewing Up the Classic Briefs Underwear Pattern

Now that we have all of our pieces cut out we’re going to get our front and back pieces and pin/clip them together so we can start sewing them up. Both the classic brief and classic panties are similar so sewing them up will be as well. We’ll start with the briefs underwear- take a look at the panties step-by-step tutorial below.

Briefs Step 1: For the classic briefs, I have both centerpieces laying on top of the back right sides together. Because we’re new to going potty I’ve opted for a simple front panel double-layered, without an opening.

Briefs Step 2: The underwear is pinned/ clipped and ready to sew.

Briefs Step 3: This is what it should look like after sewing it together.

Briefs Step 4: Now for some bands. You can sew them in any order, but I like to start with the waistband and then sew up the leg bands. Getting them ready we will fold the bands in ½ right sides facing and sew up the short end.

Briefs Step 5: Once sewn up we will fold it in half wrong sides together and mark the quarters of the band.

Briefs Step 6: This is the waistband of the underwear clipped in quarters.

Briefs Step 7: Here is the underwear top opening marked in quarters.

Here they are – clipped together and ready to sew.

Briefs Step 8: Time to sew this pair of underwear together. When using my serger I like to put the band and undies right sides together with the band on the inside. I find that I have better control getting a nice even stretch of the band when sewing them up this way. Once sewn up you can turn the undies right side out and topstitch the seam down. This is what it looks like on the machine ready to sew the band in the round on the classic brief.

You don’t have to topstitch and if you choose not to this is what it would look like.

Briefs Step 9: Next we will use the same technique for the underwear leg bands. We quarter the band, as well as the leg openings and pin/clip them together. This is the leg band of the classic brief using the leg bands that we cut out

Briefs Step 10: I like to topstitch the bands on the underwear down to help prevent the from flipping up.

This is what the briefs look like when everything is sewn together and topstitched! If you’d like to add a functional fly to the underwear then take a look at this tutorial HERE.

How to Make the Classic Panties

OK. In a lot of ways, sewing up the classic panties is very similar to sewing the briefs above – they’re similar underwear patterns. Here are the cut pieces for the classic panties. This is the classic panties view b. For this one, I’m using pre-made bias binding for the leg cuffs.

Panties Step 1: To start with the classic panties, I have the right sides of the front and back facing and pin / clipped together as shown below. 

Because the front panel is larger on the classic pantie it should look like this when pinned/clipped together. 

Panties Step 2: You will want to topstitch the seam down with the seam laying towards the back for comfort. Next, we will pin the sides to the front and sew them up. 

Panties Step 3: The panties should look similar to this when sewn up.

Panties Step 4: Next are the underwear bands. Refer to step 4 in the Classic Briefs Tutorial above. Just like you did for the briefs, you’ll make bands for the classic panties. 

Panties Step 5: After you make the bands for the classic panties, you clip the underwear waistband in quarters and get ready to sew.

This is another example with the classic panties of how the fabric should look clipped together.

Panties Step 6: Time to sew! Refer to Briefs step 8 above but as noted, when using my serger I like to put the band and underwear right sides together with the band on the inside. I find that I have better control getting a nice even stretch of the band when sewing them up this way. Once sewn up you can turn the underwear right side out and topstitch the seam down. Here I’m getting ready to topstitch the waistband on the classic panties.

Panties Step 7: As noted above, you didn’t have to top-stitch the classic briefs but with the classic panties I opted to use pre-made bias binding. You will have to top-stitch this fabric down and I’ll show you that here. Unfold the bias binding before you sew up the short ends. Then clip into quarters.

Panties Step 8: Attach and sew the leg band onto the classic panties underwear. Flip the seam up towards the middle of the band.

Panties Step 9: Fold the top of the band towards the panties.

Panties Step 10: Then fold it over again to cover the serged seam completely.

Panties Step 11: Pin your folded bias binding in place and topstitch.

Panties Step 12: I like to center the folded band under my presser foot to make sure I get it all when I’m topstitching fabric in place. Because this is an area that will get a lot of stretch, I like to use a triple stitch on my machine.

This is what it looks like completed in the classic panties!

The classic panties come as a bundle with a cami and I will do a step-by-step for that at a later time.

I hope that you found this helpful! Happy sewing and should you see something good in someone, tell them, you might just make their day!

how to sew underwear

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Underwear Patterns

We’d sure like to thank Miah for this excellent tutorial on how to sew underwear. Sewing underwear is an excellent way to get rid of your fabric scraps!

Miah spotlighted our Classic Panties and Classic Briefs pattern. I’ll just give you a little more info on each of these as well as our Uptown Undies Pattern for Women:

  1. Classic Panties: The Classic Panties Sewing Pattern features a full coverage fit with knit bands instead of elastic to keep your little ones comfortable. As Miah mentioned it also comes with a camisole pattern. Pat says, “Great instructions. Very complete and clear…easy to print. I would definitely recommend for a beginner.”
  2. Classic Briefs and Boxer Briefs: Miah spotlighted the classic briefs option but this underwear pattern also comes with a boxer briefs option as well as options for a faux or functional fly. They are 100% knit to provide optimal comfort. Lauren says, “Quick easy pattern. Made briefs in under 20 minutes cut to done. I will be making a bunch more.”
  3. Uptown Undies and Camisole: Uptown Undies & Camisole is our women’s underwear pattern. They also include an option for a shelf bra. Niobe says, “These undies are the most comfy undies EVER! A quick and easy sew and the more Peek-a-Boo Patterns I buy the more I see how great all their patterns are.”

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