Youth Parker Pullover Sew-Along | How to Sew a Pullover

How to Sew a Pullover

Today, I’ll be showing you how to sew a pullover as we go through the Youth Parker Pullover from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. As the weather gets cooler it’s time to start making good transition pieces. Even though we don’t get super cold in Southern California we do get cool enough to layer. The Parker Pullover is the perfect addition to our wardrobe.

Youth Parker Pullover Sew-Along | Learning How to Sew a Pullover

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To get started, here’s a little bit about the Youth Parker Pullover and the Adult Parker Pullover (a lot of the sewing in this article also lines up well with the adult version. The Youth and Adult Versions of the Parker Pullover are made to be sewn with knit fabric. The pullover patterns feature a relaxed fit with room to layer, color-blocked front and back, basic or color-blocked sleeves, two pocket styles, and your choice of hood or neckband.

Today I’ll be making the youth version in cotton lycra view b without the hood (my littles typically don’t wear them). It also comes in the adult version as well (I’ll get those made later).

With that being said, let’s get our supplies together.

Youth Parker Pullover Sewing Tools and Supplies

  • Sewing Machine or Serger
  • Thread
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pins or Clips
  • 4-Way Stretch Knit Fabric
  • Scissors

Instructions for Sewing the Parker Pullover

Cut Your Pullover Pattern Pieces: Once the pattern is cut out you should have a pile similar to the picture below. We’re making option B with color-blocked sleeves and curved pockets.

Pullover Step 1: We’re going to get our front pocket and pocket bands.

Pullover Step 2: take the bands and fold in half lengthwise and press.

The bands on the circle pocket will need to be stretched more than option A. For this reason, I like to find the center of the band and the center of the pocket and clip them together.

Then clip the ends and the quarters. Your piece should look similar to this pocket opening on the left. Because this is a small curved edge, I like to do this on my sewing machine because I am able to have better control of the band and curve. I should also mention that this is done with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Pullover Step 3: Now your pocket should look like this. After you have turned the raw edge toward the wrong side of the fabric. Go ahead and give a quick press to make sure everything is ready to top stitch.

Pullover Step 4: Grab the back pocket piece and lay the pocket on top.

Clip the 2 pieces together right sides facing up and baste stitch the pieces together. Use a 1/4” seam allowance so this will not be visible when the pull over is complete.

Your piece should look similar to this.

Pullover Step 5: Next we will get the 2 smaller side pieces. Make sure to pay attention to the curve when lining them up.

Lay them right sides together and sew up.

Open the side pieces up and top stitch the seam allowance.

It should look similar to this.

Pullover Step 6: now we will sew the two from pieces together. Because this is a curved piece, I like to find the middle and pin there first.

Then I pin each side.

I like to lay this on my thigh to help pin the curve.

Pullover Step 7: Next we will sew the two back pieces together.

Pullover Step 8: now we’ll top stitch the seam allowance down on the front and back of the shirt.

Pullover Step 9: for the sleeves, we will grab the two pieces and pin and sew them together.

The sleeve should look like this after they’re sewn together and top stitched.

Pullover Step 10: grab the front and back pieces and lay them together, right sides facing and pin at the shoulders and sew up.

Pullover Step 11: Open the shirt right side up and grab one of the sleeves. Start pinning in the middle and sew them up.

Pullover Step 12: After sewing on both sleeves, fold the pullover’s right sides together and sew up both sides of the shirt.

Pullover Step 13: Next grab the sleeve cuffs and fold length-wise and sew up.

Fold the sewn cuff in half wrong sides together.

Pullover Step 14: pin the cuff and sleeve in quarters and pin together and sew on the bands.

It should look like this.

Pullover Step 15: grab the bottom band and fold in half and sew up the short end.

Pullover Step 16: Fold band in half wrong sides together. Quarter the band and the bottom of the pullover.

Pin them together like this and sew.

Pullover Step 17: now we’ll do the same for the neckband.

Fold in half and sew up the short end.

Pin the band and the neck hold in quarters and pin together and sew.

Pullover Step 18: for a more polished look I recommend topstitching the bottom and neck bands.

This is what it should look like when it’s done!

Thank you and I hope this was helpful. This pattern comes in youth and adult sizes and with all of the options available, there are so many different looks you can get!

As always if you see something good in someone, tell them, you just might make their day!


Other Pullover Sewing Patterns

Thank you Miah for this great tutorial on the Youth Parker Pullover. Once you learn how to sew a pullover you’ll probably be addicted and want to sew a few more. Here are a few of our other favorite pullover patterns from Peek-a-Boo:

The Freestyle Pullover is another great scrap buster for a kid’s outer layer. It comes with options for a pullover with solid body and sleeves, a bubble tunic, or various color blocking options with options fora pocket, hood or neckband, and short or long sleeves.
The Pinnacle Pullover comes in a different version for Women, Children, and Men. It features raglan sleeves, side panels for optional colorblocking, side pockets, kangaroo pocket, and optional nursing and maternity options for the women’s version.
The Altitude Pullover for kids and the matching Aspen for women and Alpental for men are some of our most popular patterns of all time. This unique style features a kangaroo pocket in front, accent trim, raglan sleeves and options for a cozy cowl or neckband.

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Happy Sewing!

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