How to Sew a Nightgown

how to sew a nightgown

Let’s learn how to sew a nightgown. Nothing says lazy weekend like a comfy nightgown and a cup of hot coffee! In this post, I’ll show you how to transform one of my favorite shirt patterns into a simple nightgown!

Learn How to Sew a Nightgown

Have a Solid Base Pattern

For me, having a solid base pattern is key. I’ve tested and sewn many shirt patterns from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. My most used (and most hacked) was the Sun Kissed Tee which has been retired but Peek-a-Boo now offers the Women’s Domino Dolman Tee. This dolman style top is one of my favorites because it’s quick since there are no proper sleeves to attach! We all know that when you have kids running around, being efficient with sewing time is everything!

Gather Your Supplies

Besides the printed pattern, you will also need a pencil, tracing paper or freezer paper, a measuring tape and a mirror. If you have a nightgown that fits you well, grab that also!

How to Sew a Nightgown
How to Sew a Nightgown 6

Measure Twice…

Sometimes I actually follow the rules! Measuring twice is important when sewing and can save you a lot of headaches! After cutting out the Sun Kissed Tee pattern, hold the front piece up in front of you while looking in the mirror. Sometimes, I actually grab a pin or a piece of tape hold it in place while I’m adjusting and measuring! Decide how long you’d like your nightgown (I prefer them just above the knee). Using the measuring tape, start from the bottom of the printed pattern and measure down to where you’d like it to hit (below the knee, at the knee, above the knee, etc.).

Creating the New Pattern Piece

Once you’ve measured, head over to the cutting table or flat surface. Lay the tracing/freezer paper flat on the table. Next, lay the Sun Kissed Tee pattern on top of the freezer paper. Trace around the perimeter of the pattern piece except the bottom edge. When you come to the bottom edge, add the number of inches you measured from the previous step. I start with the center front edge (the edge that says Cut On Fold). If I were adding 15″, I would start at the bottom edge of the printed pattern and draw a straight line down 15″. Using the bottom printed edge of the pattern (or your cutting mat), draw a straight line across that will now become the bottom edge of the new pattern piece.

How to Sew a Nightgown

As a nightgown, you may need to add some flare to the side seam edge so that the garment will have more ease than the regular tee. To do this, simply start just after the arm pit and make your side seam wider. You can eyeball it, measure against another nightgown that is comfy or you can even mash it with another pattern (like the Sicily Swing Dress). I tend to just eyeball things! Also, I am very petite and have no hips…so in my photo, my pattern piece does not have much swing added. This is the beauty of sewing for yourself! Make it customized for YOUR body type!

After creating the new pattern pieces, cut them out and cut your fabric pieces out.

Time to Sew!

Here’s the good news…the instructions to sew the nightgown are no different than sewing the tee!! You’re going to have extra length added, but no extra sewing steps to worry about! See, I told you it was easy!

So brew up some coffee and get the cartoons ready! With this quick and easy hack, you’ll have extra time to spend snuggling on the sofa on those lazy weekend days!

I hope you enjoyed this quick idea on how to sew a nightgown. Also, be sure to check out some of the other posts here at Peek-a-Boo Pages:

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  1. I have been unable to find this pattern. I really like it and would love to make several. A search on Peekaboo for sun kissed tee does not produce find of it.

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