How to Make a Paper Star Ornament

white paper star ornament laying on a red background

Part of our family holiday tradition is making paper crafts when the kids get out of school on winter break – and our new favorite is this paper star ornament. We pile the table with construction paper, scissors, glue, tape and yarn. They love making colorful paper chains for the tree and snowflakes from coffee filters! The kids love teaching me how to make some of the creations they made in art class!


Red background with green twine and scissors laying on a piece of square scrapbook paper
  • Square paper (origami paper that’s 6″ will make smaller ornaments – or we also used square scrapbook paper)
  • Tape, glue dots or a stapler
  • Scissors
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn


My scrapbook paper has a patterned right side and a white back side. This makes it easier to see for the tutorial (and is all I had on hand!!), but I think the star ornament will look better with patterns on both sides or solid colored paper.

With your paper facing right side up, fold it in half diagonally.

red background with square paper folded in half diagonally

Next, fold it in half diagonally again.

red background with paper folded twice in half in the shape of a triangle

Orient the paper so that the folded edge is at the bottom (make your ornament look like the picture).

red background with paper triangle being held to indicate fold in paper

Starting from the bottom folded edge and going up diagonally, make a cut in the paper through all layers. Stop about 3/4″ before you get to the middle.

Next, make another cut as you did before. We did not measure when spacing out the slits that we cut – we experimented with different widths and honestly they were all great! So, no need to be a perfectionist here – let the kids see what works best for them. The important part to make the paper star turn out right is to not cut too close to the center.

You’ll make a total of 3-4 slits, depending on the size of your paper.

Unfold the paper and it should look like this.

red background with green paper that has been cut

Paper Ornament Construction

Grab the tape, stapler or glue dots. Starting from the center, take the two centermost flaps and overlap them about 1/4″ and secure the flaps with glue dots, tape or stapler. Note: when you begin, it does not matter which side (right side or back) you overlap. My son actually flipped the paper over (so he had the back side face up) and started overlapping and taping as pictured below. Just make sure you alternate directions by flipping the paper after you secure each set of tips.

a child's hands taping the paper ornament centermost pieces together

Next, flip the paper over so you’re looking at the right side. Take the next centermost tips, bring them together overlapping about 1/4″ and secure.

a child's hands overlapping ends of the next centermost pieces of the ornament and securing with tape

Continue flipping, bringing the tips together and securing until you’ve secured all of the edges.

You’ll be left with a single “arm” of the star. Since we used bigger sized scrapbook paper to make our paper ornaments, we decided not to make the complete star; instead we punch a hole in the top and fed a piece of yarn through the hole for hanging.

paper ornaments hung from the doorway on either side of a Christmas tree

If you are using smaller scrapbook paper and want to make the whole paper star, create six of the “arms” of the star. Once all six are created, secure the bottom edges together to form the center of the star. Lay three “arms” one and three the other as shown. Yarn can be looped through the top edge of one section for hanging or you can punch a hole and loop the yarn through.

Now you can hang these all over your home for a quick and relatively mess-free project!

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