Hooded Duck Towel Tutorial

I LOVE hooded towels but those cute baby ones just don’t last very long. I wasn’t quite ready to use a boring adult towel so I came up with the hooded duck towel! The perfect friend for bath time:)
Little Miss was thrilled when she saw her new towel! She started shouting “towel” and “duck” over and over again- I guess it’s a success if she knows what it is:)
View from the top…
Want to make own for your kiddo??? This would make a great gift:)
  • 1 yellow bath towel
  • 1 yellow hand towel (you only need 1/2 of it)
  • 1 orange washcloth
  • Scraps of white and black fabric for the eyes

 1. Cut your hand towel in half

2. Fold your hand towel in half so the finished edges meet up where the opening of the hood will be and along the top fold. The raw edges will go at the bottom. Sew the top of the hood together just below the finished edge.

 3. If you want your seam to lay nice and flat you can then top stitch both edges down.

4. Cut 1 full size duck bill and 1 “bottom half”- use the finished edge of the washcloth for the straight edge on the bottom part of your bill

5. Sew the eyes and bill onto the front of your hood with the bottom half of the bill hanging off the edge. I tucked the edges of the bill under so it would have a finished edge.

6. Sew the bottom half of the bill to the right side of your big duck bill

7. Flip it over to the underside and sew in place along the edge of the towel

8. Now let’s attach it to the main towel. Find the center of your towel and line it up with the center of your hood. I attached mine with a french seam so it wouldn’t have any raw edges. With the hood face down sew it to the towel about 1/2″ below the towel’s finished edge.

 Then flip the hood up and sew it down once more

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