Guest Post: Baby Bibs

super excited to be here at naptime crafters…I’m kim! i blog at a girl and a glue gun!
i’m a huge naptime crafter fan (both the the blog and actual crafting during those rare spare minutes of freedom!)
I wanted to make something babyish to celebrate amy and her new little one! so i made bibs!

i’ve got lots of family..and that usually means lots of hand me downs…
i mean lots.
so i went up to my son’s closet and started pulling out any shirts that didn’t fit or we didn’t wear…
and i had a pile of shirts.
so i thought i would turn some into bibs!!!!
i took an old bib as a guide…and i only cut through the top layer of the shirt….
then in one continuous cut..i go all the way around the collar (cutting the ribbing off)
your piece will look like this…..
then i take the remaining shirt..
take the top piece of the bib i just cut and laid it on the back and cut out another piece…
then put rights sides together and sew around (make sure to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out!)
(the opening is at the bottom…) turn it rights sides out and sew around (closing the opening this time)
and then add some velcro
nice..easy can make them custom size…from itty bitty to big husband size (you know your husbands still needs some)
i made one from two shirts…. so each side is different…
and i did one with a collar..
I left the collar attached (but cut the back of the collar off)…
I sewed the collar flaps to  the bib…
then I did one keeping the ribbing (a pullover!) (this is for those heavy duty spaghetti…)
I just cut of the sleeves…
then trim down the front….
and leave a few inches on the back….
and since it’s t-shirt material you can either hem it or NOT! it’s not going to fray!
this is my baby (who just turned four!)
so naptimes are few and far between…
oh well. i’ll take what i can get!
come by and visit me at my blog
A girl and a glue gun
I also did these interchangeable bibs that you just take off the strap and throw in the washer…
and if you are out at the restaraunt you can just put a paper towel on the strap and throw it away!
What great ideas- thanks so much for stopping in Kimbo!


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  2. They are kind of cute. I like how resourceful you are to create such bibs from old shirts and old fabrics. The design and colors are very nice on babies. Thanks for creating baby items like this one. Continue creating fabulous baby bibs for everybody.

  3. These baby bibs are so fantastic! For sure many mommies will be inspired about this one. I’ve seen a lot of baby bibs from re purposed jeans,old fleece and now the old t-shirts can do it so. It’s more fun to make baby bibs from old things and by that you can have a very nice things from your own work. Now, mommies will know how to make baby bibs from old t-shirts. Great!

  4. This is a fantastic use of an old t-shirt. The cotton will allow them to be easy to wash. It’s also great because if you really love an old t-shirt you can still keep it.

  5. How long did you make the interchangeable strap and what did you use as straps? The interchangeable bibs are so cute and I would love to make some!

  6. Oh WOW! These are super cute! And… if you don’t have older shirts to recycle it would be super cheap to visit a Goodwill type store to buy some shirts. I really like the one with the collar and the pull over one.

    Also Kim, you’re right… the hubby needs one… or two of these as well! 🙂

  7. these are SUPER cute, Kim !!
    I love using the old cute shirts and sending them back through the family, again !
    now .. just need another baby to have an excuse to make one 😛

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