FREE Toddler Apron Pattern & Free Toy Oven Mitt Pattern

Toddler Apron Pattern & Toy Oven Mitt Pattern

Today I have a FREE Toddler Apron Pattern & toy oven mitt pattern to share with you! If you have a little last-minute gift sewing to do this is quick and easy 🙂 My little girl loved this.

Free Toddler Apron Pattern

The Toddler Apron Pattern is perfect for pretend play! Or the toddler apron is great for real kitchen fun too! toddler apron

Remember the oven mitt is a toy and is not to be used with any hot items. Thank you miss sassy pants for the nice modeling 😉

toddler apron tutorial

This particular set is for almost 2 year old so it is a bit short on Anne who is almost 5. If you are sewing for an older child you might want to just add a little length.IMG_1720

So much fun for cooking up some pretend goodies 🙂
toddler apron pattern

The neck on the apron is elastic to it’s easy on/off and it ties in the back. As with any item with ties/neck straps this should be used with parental supervision.
toddler apron pattern

And bonus it’s even reversible!
toddler apron

Ready to sew the toddle apron pattern? Let’s get started!

Toddler Apron Materials:

  • Sewing Pattern – The Toddler Apron Pattern is free when you Subscribe to our Newsletter or Join our Facebook Group. Coupon Code is found in New Subscriber E-mail and/or the first post in our Facebook Group. Download your FREE Pattern. Pattern should be printed at 100%. You will need to tape the 2 apron pieces together along the dashed line.
  • 2. 1/2 yard of 2 coordinating fabrics (you will need additional fabric if you plan to lengthen the apron).
  • 3/4″ elastic
  • 1/4 yard lightweight fusible interfacing
  • 1/4 yard fleece or terry cloth for oven mitt lining

DIY Play Oven Mitt Instructions

Oven Mitt Step 1: Trim 1/2″ off the bottom of your fleece/terry cloth layer. Fold the bottom edge of the outer layer over 1/4″ two times and topstitch in place.


Oven Mitt Step 2: Working from the right side sew the outer layer and fleece/terry cloth together with a few diagonal rows of stitching to create a quilted effect. I made my lines about 1.5″ apart from each other. oven mitt pattern

Oven Mitt Step 3: With right sides together (RST) sew the long edges of the hanging loop together. Turn right side out with a safety pinmIMG_1546

Oven Mitt Step 4: Fold the hanging loop in half and position both tail ends along the raw edge towards the bottom of the oven mitt and baste in placeoven mitt pattern piece

Oven Mitt Step 5: With RST sew the 2 oven mitt pieces together using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Turn right side out and you’re done! IMG_1549

DIY Toddler Apron Instructions

Apron Step 1: With RST sew the long edges of the neck strap together. With RST sew the long edges and one short edge of each waist tie together. Use a 1/4″ seam allowance for this step. for the waist ties I like to sew across the short edge at an angle to create a tapered point. For a little extra stability I like to add a strip of fusible interfacing to the waist ties. Turn right side out.


Apron Step 2: Slide your 3/4″ through the neck strap with a safety pin and secure at each end. Topstitch around all edges of the waist ties.


Apron Step 3: Baste the raw edges of the waist ties to the apron 1/2″ below the arm cutout edge. Baste the raw edges of the neck strap to the upper edge 1/2″ in from the arm cutout edge. toddler apron pattern

Apron Step 4: With RST sew the 2 apron pieces together using a 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 4″ gap at the bottom. IMG_1554

Apron Step 5: Turn right side out and press flat. Tuck in the raw edges at the bottom and topstitch around the entire apron.

free toddler apron pattern

And you’re done! I hope you had fun with the toddler apron pattern. If you enjoyed it then sign-up for our newsletter for 25+ FREE Sewing Patterns. Also, feel free to share on Pinterest for others to enjoy.

As always, make sure to join our Facebook Group to share what you make and ask questions.

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  1. Im bot sure why I am unable to download the free apron pattern. But a bunch of popups that I dont want keep coming up and I ahve done everything ewquired to get the childs apron. Subscribed and joined Facebook page. can someone help me or are you no longer honoring this freebie?

  2. I have printed this pattern twice but I do not see the lenght and with of the ties and shoulder strap. Please advise

  3. It was easy, subscribe with email address, go to email get the code for the free patterns, click on the link in the email. Takes you to the pattern page, put the patterns you want in your cart, then type in the code from your email, patterns become free. Fill out form with name and address then download and print your patterns.

    1. I have found this way too confusing. First you subscribe or follow on FB, then you click this or that…..looking for a free patter with just a pattern and no follow this and that instructions. Maybe I’m just old and lazy.

    2. I am also still waiting for the email confirming subscription and for the code for the free pattern. It doesn’t look like anyone bothers to reply on here.

  4. Thanks for the pattern! My daughter is getting a kitchen play set for my granddaughter for Christmas and she requested an apron. She is really excited about the mitt, too!

  5. Ty for sharing your pattern – I made one for my granddaughter!! I can’t wait to mail it to her!!

  6. Amy – just finished sewing a sweet little Peppa Pig apron for my grandaughter (18 months). The neck and apron ties don’t look like the pictures. I will be surprised if she can get her head through the neck and yours looks like it was folded in half – I think I must have missed something in the directions? your ties also look longer than 18 inches. Help!

    1. For sure the neck tie is too short. Couldn’t get it over my kids heads with it at 18″ with the 3/4″ elastic. I ended up cutting in the center, sewing closed and sewed on Velcro dots the the closure. Worked great! Just made a third one the same way for a co-worker’s daughter.

      1. Britt, was there any issue with the two layers of fabric in the body of the apron not being bonded together, or is it small enough to prevent that? I have to use expensive organic fabrics for my granddaughters’ aprons and don’t want to find that out too late! Thank you in advance!

    1. 13” of 3/4” elastic. That info printed on the paper pattern that you print in order to cut the fabric.

  7. Hello.
    I would like the Little Chef apron and oven mitt pattern. I subscribed to your newsletter when I put it in my cart it charged 5.00 It was suppose to be free?

  8. Is this pattern only free to new signups? I already am signed up for the newsletters and the Facebook group I don’t see any code that I can use.

  9. When I click the link to the free pattern it sends me to a page to pay for it. Where is the free????

  10. Hi, I really like this pattern can I make this apron and mitt and sell them on a small scale at local craft markets.
    Regards Patricia Barnes

  11. Why can’t I print the directions off your site for the apron and hand mitt? When I go to print its a blank. thanks for any help. Carla

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