Ultimate FREE Baby Bib Pattern PDF | #1 Baby Bib Tutorial

 Today I’m sharing the Ultimate Free Baby Bib Pattern PDF with you!

FREE Baby Bib Pattern | Ultimate Catch-All Bib

The catch-all pocket in front sticks out to catch messes. The unique design will also hold liquids without leaking; bring on the soup, this bib can handle it! Pretty good for a free bib.

free baby bib pattern

When mealtime is over it un-snaps so you can wipe it clean. No more food and junk hiding out in those corner of the bib!

ultimate free baby bib pattern

My 2-year-old has put this to the test and this one is toddler approved 🙂 This bib is comfortable to wear, does the job well, and is easy to clean!
ultimate free baby bib pattern

Free Baby Bib Pattern PDF Materials | Laminated Cotton for a Bib

Before we get started on the ultimate free bib pattern let’s talk about supplies 🙂 For the bib, I used darling laminated cotton from Laminates.

Laminated cotton is much easier to sew with and more comfortable to wear than oilcloth. It also comes in darling prints! Something I absolutely love about the Laminates shop is that you can buy your fabric in fat quarters which is perfect for smaller projects. You need one fat quarter for each side of the bib and you’ll have some leftovers for another small project like a snack bag.

I highly recommend using laminated cotton for both sides so it’s easy to wipe clean after each use. I normally just un-snap the bib and give the whole thing a quick rinse in the kitchen sink and let it dry in the dish drainer. Easy peasy! Here are a few combinations I’m eyeing for future projects…
Catch All Bib

Laminates generously provided my fabric for this post but all opinions are my own. I really love this shop!

For this bib you’ll also need some snaps. KAM snaps are a great way to go for this project. If you don’t have KAM Snaps or the Snap Tool, here’s a kit.Ultimate FREE Baby Bib Pattern PDF | #1 Baby Bib Tutorial

Free Baby Bib Pattern | Ultimate Baby Bib Sewing Instructions

Baby Bib Step 1: Download your FREE Baby BIB PATTERN PDF. Pattern is free when you subscribe to our newsletter or join our facebook group  (pattern coupon code in New Subscriber E-mail or on first post in Facebook Group).

Baby Bib Step 2. Print the pattern. The pattern has a 1″ scale box for you to check that it printed correctly. As-is the bib is a good size for a 1-2 year old. If you’d like a bigger or smaller bib just print the pattern out at more or less than 100% scale.

Baby Bib Step 3: Cut out 2 bib pieces (1 for the front and 1 for the back). With laminated cotton you want to avoid using pins as they leave holes in the fabric so use binder clips, paper clips, etc. instead. With right sides of the fabric together sew all the way around the bib with a 1/4″ seam allowance leaving a 3″ gap at the bottom. Clip into the seam allowance along the neckline and inward curve above the pocket. This will help it lay flat when you turn it right side out.
bib pattern piece

Baby Bib Step 4: Turn the bib right side out and smooth it out with your fingers. You might need to use a chopstick to push the tail ends all the way out. If you used regular fabric you can go ahead and press it flat. Tuck in the raw edges along the bottom and topstitch all the way around the bib.
cleanable baby bib


Baby Bib Step 5: Now it’s time to add some snaps to the bib. The snap location is marked for you on the pattern piece. The 2 upper snaps should be installed with the cap on the right side of the fabric (the cow print) and the socket on the wrong side. The 2 lower snaps should be installed with the cap on the wrong side of the fabric and the stud on the right side of the fabric. You also need the snap to fasten the bib at the neckline. And that’s it!
free bib pattern construction

Here’s a quick run-down on how assembling the free bib pattern works…

Fold the bottom edge of the bib upwards. Here we’re looking at it from the wrong side of the bib
cleanable bib pattern

Then bring each corner in and snap it. See how the bib is angled upwards? This is what keeps it from leaking
cleanable bib pattern

And from the right side you have a perfect catch-all pocket. I hope you enjoyed the Free Baby Bib Pattern PDF. Make sure to come join us at the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.
catch all bib pattern

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  1. Hi Amy,
    I did subscribe to your newsletter, but I still can not get the free pattern of the: Ultimate FREE Baby Bib Pattern.
    How can I get it ? Thank you for youre help!

    1. I, too, am stymied as to how to get the free download. I signed up for your newsletter and got the super secret code, but cannot figure out where to type in a code to get the download. Please publish your reply to all, as it will save lots of time for others who find themselves in the same predicament.
      The bib looks amazing and I wanted to make it this morning. It is now hours since I signed up. Nothing seems to work. I’m feeling frustrated.
      Thank you!

  2. Hello,
    I did subscribe to your newsletter, but I still can not get the free pattern of the: Ultimate FREE Baby Bib Pattern.
    How can I get it ? Thank you for youre help!

    1. Bonjour,
      Je souhaite avoir le patron du bavoir avec poche de récupération, je me suis abonnée mais n’ai rien reçu.

  3. I’m trying to print instructions but the only thing that downloads is pattern with no instructions. What can I do?

  4. I’m trying to get the pattern instructions. I put them in a cart order, but only the pattern downloaded. When I try to copy the instructions, I get the program code instead. I’ve spent a couple hours on this and continuing to try to close the ads over and over. How can I get the instructions?

  5. Hi Amy,
    What do you mean by “Clip into the seam allowance”? I’ve definitely done something wrong here as the bib is slightly curled up after I’ve turned it out the right way.


  6. Hi Amy, I love, love, love these bibs! Thank you also for making recommendations for the supplies. I’ve never used Kamsnaps before and now I’m addicted. Every where I look there’s something to be Kamsnapped!

    Anyway, I made a few bibs this weekend to give away to my girlfriends and relatives (it seems everyone I know is having babies) and now some of them want to buy some. Is it ok to use your pattern to sell a few?

    Thanks again and wishing you and your loved ones all the best.

  7. These bibs go together quickly and I love the little crumb-catcher pocket. Your directions are very clear. Thank you for sharing this pattern and tutorial!

  8. I bought this type of bib years ago and don’t see them in the stores anymore. I’m so glad I found your pattern. How much fabric do I need to make one?


  9. Hello–thank you for offering the bib pattern with a pouch! I look forward to creating it. Could you please answer the following two questions:

    What size are the snaps you recommend for the bibs? There are several sizes of snaps on “I love buttons.” Also, do you buy the laminated cotton that is laminated on front only? The ‘Laminates’ site offers several laminated cotton fabrics (front only, back only, & laminated– which I assume means both sides are laminated)?

    Thank you

  10. Well The great news is my First Grandson Carted james will be arrriving into this world the 15th ( 2 Days) and I know this is something I can make him. Thank you

  11. Another brilliant idea! I definitely agree with you that laminated cotton is much easier to sew and more comfortable than oil cloth. I already did a testing between the two and I could say that laminated cotton is better than oil cloth. I love this pattern, it will contribute a lot of learning for all of the aspiring baby maker. Cute baby bibs and awesome style!

  12. Alright lovely lady – I’m planning a crafty night with some girlfriends to teach a few of them to sew and make a bunch of these! Super fun – and I will blog about it when we make it happen!

    I’ve never worked with laminated cotton – are there any tricks? Universal needle; does it feed under the presser foot okay or do you need tissue or something? I’m guessing ironing it is out – any general advice? Thanks for the all around awesomeness!

    1. I just use my universal needle. Some tissue paper underneath can be helpful when you topstitch. I have a non-stick presser foot that I use instead and it works wonders 🙂

  13. This looks so practical. I have 2 great nieces, both under 6 months . Think I may do them one each as a pressie. What needle do you use on the machine?

  14. Love this idea. Made some of these when my kids were little, almost 50 years. I never thought of making the catcher this way though, I had to turn mine inside out. This will be sooooooo much easier. Several babies coming. Thanks.

  15. Could you use PUL? I’ve never used laminated cotton or PUL but I was just gifted some PUL and am looking for projects for it…
    Also, do you just use a normal needle?

    1. PUL is laminated on the underside so it will keep your kiddo dry and contain mess but it won’t necessarily wipe clean. I believe it is machine washable though 🙂 I just use my universal needle

    2. I just made one of these with PUL. Worked great! Doesn’t wipe clean, depending on what the food is, and the pocket gapes lots, tho.

      1. You might need to double check that you have your snaps in the correct place. We use our bib everyday and the pocket doesn’t gape at all

  16. LOVE this pattern; thanks so much for posting! I’ve been having many issues with my nine month old twins (they are preemies, and quite tiny still) because I can’t get a bib that will do up tightly enough around their necks – right now food just falls down the neck hole and makes a hot mess out of their clothes. Going to give this a try – thank you!!

    1. I hope this helps! This fits my 2 year old pretty well so you might just need to add an extra snap to snug it up along the neck

  17. I LOVE this!!! I’ll be making these for gifts for sure! I just bought some acrylic-coated cotton from ikea – this will be the first project I tackle with it 😉 um, also. I. Love. Kam. Snaps.

    1. I didn’t know IKEA sold fabric like that! Can’t wait to see! You might check to see if it is rated for food safety if you use any leftovers for snack bags 🙂

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