Elmo Shutter Buddy Tutorial

If you have a toddler you probably also have an Elmo fan in your house 🙂
Something about that red furry monster makes all little kids happy!
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Which makes Elmo the perfect shutter buddy for any photo shoot! It’s so much easier to get a natural smile out of a kid who is having a good time. And this little Elmo shutter buddy has a squeaker hidden inside which works wonders for getting the attention of a baby!
Let’s get started!
I made mine entirely from felt which is cheap and easy.
1. Cut 2 red circles for the outside. The inner cut out should be wider around than the lens so you can gather it in a bit with your elastic. You also need circles for the eyes and nose.
Cut a piece of elastic to just smaller than your lens circumference and sew the ends together. A hair band may work for this too now that I think about it
Sew your 2 circles together around the inner circle and then slide the elastic over so it’s in between the 2 circles.
Sew most of the way around the outside and then slide your squeaker in. Sew the gap shut.
Sew a running stitch around the outer edge of the nose. Pull on the threads to gather and add in a bit of stuffing. Pull tight and knot off.
Topstitch on the eyes and then hand sew on his cute nose and you’re all set!

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