FREE Doll Mermaid Tail Pattern

Doll Mermaid Tail Pattern
Have a dolly in your life that needs a mermaid tail? Check out this free doll mermaid tail pattern. Also, be sure to come and take a look at the rest of our Doll Clothes Patterns while you’re here. 

FREE Doll Mermaid Tail Pattern

FREE Doll Clothes Patterns Mermaid Tail
Anne is a big fan of the Disney Princess dolls and decided Ariel really need a tail. So I came up with this quick and easy doll mermaid tail pattern to share with you.
Since she needed one pretty much right then (some important under the sea business to attend to) Anne had to settle for blue 🙂

Mermaid Tail Pattern & Materials

To whip up a tail for your dolly you’ll need fabric with 4 way stretch (I used swim fabric) and a small scrap of high-loft batting.

Download your FREE pattern.

Doll Mermaid Tail Instructions

You will need to tape the 2 pieces together to get the full-size piece.
Doll Mermaid Tail Step 1: Sew your pieces together with right sides together with a piece of batting in the tail section
Doll Mermaid Tail Step 2: Turn right side out, add a casing with elastic, and you’re done!
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