DIY Wreath | DIY 4th of July Wreath & Wreaths for Fall, Valentine’s, & Holiday

DIY Wreath | DIY 4th of July Wreath & Wreaths for Fall, Valentine’s Day, and More

I hope you’re ready to make a DIY wreath today. If you look through the internet you can see how many people like to make wreaths. Wreaths work for any season and can add something fun to your home or garden. The wreaths throughout this tutorial will make any season a little brighter. 

Over the years, I’ve made wreaths for every season and several holidays. Several other of our blog contributors have also submitted different DIY wreath designs for their favorite times of the year. In total, we have tutorials in this article to make the following wreaths: (1) Fourth of July Wreaths, (2) Valentine’s Day Wreaths, (3) Fall Wreaths, and Holiday Wreaths. 

That being said, you can use the methods in this article to make a wreaths for about time of the year. All you need is a little wire or something for the wreath form or frame, some fabric or mesh, and maybe a few other things depending on the season. With that, here are a few wreaths to get you inspired:

(1) Make a Fourth of July Wreath

DIY 4th of July Wreath

Hi. I’m Bev at Round and Round DIY Wreath Ideas, where I create and share unique DIY wreath tutorials. I am thrilled to be here today to share a DIY 4th of July wreath project of mine – a paper mesh wreath tutorial for Independence Day.

These patriotic colors remind me of long summer nights, fireworks, and cookouts. In this easy wreath tutorial, I will show you how to craft a unique wreath that will make a festive display on your front door!

DIY 4th of July Wreath Materials

You can find the following materials at your local craft store:

  • 1 roll of 12″ red paper mesh
  • 1 roll of 12″ blue paper mesh
  • 1 work wreath frame or form
  • 2 red, white and blue patriotic floral picks
  • 1 large metal flag approximately 15″ wide

DIY 4th of July Wreath Tutorial


Fourth of July Wreath Step 1: Before you add any mesh to the work wreaths, you will need to cut your paper mesh into pieces. You will need to cut 18 pieces of each color. Each piece should be 12″ long.



Fourth of July Wreath Step 2: Adding the mesh to the wreath is simple. Just take a piece of the cut mesh and pinch the cut edges together to make a bow show. Place the piece of mesh in the wire twigs on the work wreath and twist the twigs around it to hold it in place. I started on the inside ring to make it easier.



Fourth of July Wreath Step 3: Next take a piece of the blue color paper mesh and pinch the cut edges together. Add this piece over the top of the one you just added.


Fourth of July Wreath Step 4: Repeat this process around the inside and outside rings of the work wreath. Each time alternate the colors. For example red over blue then blue over red. Once you have added mesh pieces to every twig, fluff the mesh making sure that both colors are visible and evenly displayed throughout your wreaths.


Fourth of July Wreath Step 5: The wreath already looks fun and full, but we aren’t quite finished! To complete your red, white and blue masterpiece you will also need to add the festive flag and fun floral picks.


First add the flag to the wreath. To do this, run a piece of floral wire through the hanger on the back of the wreath. Take the wire and insert it down through the mesh to the back of the wreath. Wrap the wire around the wire frame or form of the work wreath.




Next cut your floral sprigs into 2 smaller pieces.


Using hot glue to hold them in place, stick the ends of the picks down into the mesh behind the flag. I arranged mine behind the stars on the corner of the flag. This made it look as if fireworks were shooting from the flag. Make sure to fan out the picks to give it a fuller look.



And now your patriotic DIY 4th of July wreath is ready to hang just in time for the Fourth Of July. Thank you to Amy for having me and thanks to you guys for following along! Best of luck crafting and happy Independence Day!


Thanks for taking a look through Bev’s amazing tutorial. Of course, you could use her method with mesh and floral to make amazing wreaths for summer, fall, spring, Christmas, or anytime of the year. 

(2) Make a Heart Wreath

Our next wreaths use a wire base and fabric scraps for their design. First up is a short DIY Heart Wreath tutorial I made back when I was getting started. 

Love is in the air and I’m ready to welcome February with a fun heart wreath. I’m loving the Shabby chic look for wreaths. 

What I love most is this didn’t cost me a dime to make! It was just made from things hanging around the house. It doesn’t even have you get the sewing machine out and you don’t even need glue or a fancy frame.
Wreaths Materials:
  • Wire hanger for wreath form
  • Polyfill, quilt batting,  or some other form of fluff or foam:)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Ribbon

1. Shape your hanger into a heart. It doesn’t have to be perfect for your wreaths


2. If you want your wreaths to have a bit more volume when you make it then wrap it in your “fluff”. I used polyfill and then wrapped it in a bit of tulle to keep it in place.

3. Tie on your fabric scraps and you’re done! Go hang it up your wreath. If you’re looking for simple wreaths, then it doesn’t get much easier then this wire wreath:)


(3) DIY Fall Wreath

Have you seen all of the brilliant fall wreaths out there? I finally decided to make my own DIY Fall Wreath with what I had on hand. It was basically free. For materials, all it really took was some wreath forms, some fabric scraps, a neutral fabric layer, and glue. Making wreaths can be pretty simple.  

The DIY Fall Wreath is another simple, beginner, wreath to get your home in the perfect mood for Fall. This fall wreath tutorial is somewhat of a scrap fall wreath will take a few neutral fabrics and scraps and make them into fun fall wreaths.

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY Fall Wreath Materials:

  • Wreath Form or frame (mine has a 12″ diameter)
  • Neutral fabric for the base layer (I used 1/2 yard ish)
  • Fall toned fabric scraps
  • Craft glue (I just used elmer’s)

Instructions for Fall Wreaths:

1. Cut your base fabric into 60 1×10″ strips. Depending on the look you’re going for and the bulk of your fabric you may want the strips longer, shorter, skinnier… Play around with it a bit before you cut all your fabric. Then… just tie the strips on with double knots, staggering the knots a bit.

2. Work your way around the whole wreath.

3. Cut your fall fabric into 2-3″ circles. Wrap the fabric around the end of a screwdriver and add a dab of glue.

4. Shove it into your wreath

5. Fan out each little fabric tuft throughout your wreaths

6. Add as many as you want going all the way around

There you have it – your own DIY fall wreath. Of course, just switch up your fabric choices for the perfect spring wreath or add a little straw or something else to add something to this fall wreath.

(4) DIY Holiday Wreaths

Finally, here’s another guest post from our blog contributor Erika. She makes great Holiday wreaths. Of course the method she uses can be adapted and perfect to make wreaths for many occasions. Now, let’s get started on this easy peasy holiday wreath!  

Holiday Wreaths Materials:

  • Styrofoam wreaths for your wreath form (mine is 12′)
  • Stein of yarn to wrap around the wreath form
  • felt scraps for the flowers ribbon (optional to hang–I did  need it)  

Instructions to Make Wreaths

Begin wrapping the wreath form with the yarn. I used this fluffy stuff since I already had it on hand–leftover from knitting hats. No need to worry about gluing anything; the tail end will be held in place as you wrap the wreaths form.

I wrapped around the form twice to ensure there were no white spaces showing through the wreath (you can cover the form up with coordinating fabric before adding the yarn if you are super industrious). Once you get to the end, clip the yarn and tuck into the back of the wreath.

Cut out your felt flowers. I used my Sizzix but it would be really easy to just cut out different sized circles. I used stick pins to attach the flowers to the wreath–no messy glue and the flowers can easily be moved!

  I did not have to attach a ribbon to hang the wreath but you can if your wreaths do not stay.

That’s it! A super easy way to dress up a door or wall. I hope everyone has a great Christmas season with many blessings. ~Erika

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed are article and found the perfect DIY Wreath. I should probably also point out that we do have one more article on a DIY Christmas Wreath that you might find helpful.

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