DIY Stroller Cover

DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller covers can be expensive! So… I decided to make my own. I love the little window that can be open or shut and that it works on my jogging stroller and my regular stroller. Enjoy the Ultimate Jogging Stroller Cover Tutorial!

DIY Stroller Cover | Regular Stroller Cover & Jogging Stroller Cover

Now we can enjoy a nice jog or stroll even though the weather is getting colder. I even used it in a downpour on the way to church and little miss stayed completely dry! The cover was a bit soggy on the outside, but the lining and the baby stayed dry:)

Stroller Cover Materials:

  • 1 1/4 yd main fabric (please measure your stroller! You don’t want to come up short)
  • 1  1/4 yd lining fabric
  • Piece of plastic (I used some leftover product packaging. The bags sheets come in work great!)
  • 4 buttons/stroller
  • Ribbon
  • Small hair tie

Extra Materials for Jogging Stroller Cover: 

For Jogging Stroller Cover you also need:
  • Velcro
  • Hot glue gun
  • Elastic- about 6″

Stroller Cover Sewing Instructions

Stroller Cover Step 1: Strollers are all shaped a bit different, so there’s no pattern for this project, but it’s pretty easy. Drape your fabric over your stroller (if you want this to work on a jogging stroller and your regular stroller make all the measurements for the jogger) and pin until you get the shape you want.

I tucked under quite a bit of fabric at the top to make a curved edge and then it tapers down to the bottom. The overall shape looks kind of like a coffin. I only used 1 yd of fabric and I wish I had gotten a bit more. The bottom of my cover is straight, but I would recommend making a rounded edge along the bottom to get better coverage on the jogging stroller footrest.

jogging stroller cover

Stroller Cover Step 2: Fold your pinned fabric in half and use it as a pattern piece to cut your lining. Now unpin the main piece of fabric and use the lining piece as the pattern to cut your main fabric. You will need some fabric leftover to make the window cover, so don’t cut right out of the middle of your fabric!

DIY Stroller Cover

Stroller Cover Step 3: Fold your fabric in half and cut out a window. It needs to be about 1″ smaller on all sides than your plastic piece.

DIY Stroller Cover

Stroller Cover Step 4: Fold back the raw edges from the window and stitch down. Do this on your main piece and the liner.

DIY Stroller Cover

Stroller Cover Step 5: With fabric RST together stitch all the way around the outer edge. Turn it right side out through the window. It should now look like this:

DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller Cover Step 6: Slide the window in between your main piece and the liner, so you have a nice sandwich. Top stitch it down with a zig-zag stitch.
DIY Stroller Cover

Stroller Cover Step 7: I made a window flap for mine to make naps in the stroller a little bit easier for little miss. Cut a piece from your main fabric and your liner that is about 1-2″ bigger than the window. Place RST together and stitch almost all the way around. Turn right side out through the opening you left. Tuck the edges in and top stitch shut. Get your flap in place over the window and then top stitch it onto the cover.

DIY Stroller Cover

Stroller Cover Step 8: Underneath the flap tack down a small hair elastic and then sew a button on to complete the closure (see previous picture for button placement)

DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller Cover Step 9: Sew buttons onto the stroller canopy and add buttonholes to the top of your cover. I did 4 and it works great.
DIY Stroller Cover
DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller Cover Step 10: If you are making this for a standard stroller I recommend adding ribbon ties along each side and at the bottom. Otherwise your baby will try to tear the cover off. For the jogging stroller you will need to secure it in a few places where there’s nothing to tie a ribbon to, so add some velcro instead.
DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller Cover Step 11: Hot glue velcro onto the jogging stroller. This is the best way to attach the cover to the wheel well/foot rest area. I added some to the legs too, but ribbon would work fine there.
DIY Stroller Cover
Stroller Cover Step 12: I learned the hard way that velcro isn’t quite enough to hold the cover to the very front. So… I added a piece of elastic that slips into the wheel well. It should be just long enough that it stays down, but isn’t rubbing against the wheel. I like having the velcro there too for extra hold.
DIY Stroller Cover
DIY Stroller Cover
Finished! Don’t you love it? And it makes a nice little fort for your baby.
DIY Stroller Cover
 Happy trails:)
DIY Stroller Cover

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20 Responses

  1. Hi Amy, I am a co-founder of PFMC Mission Sewing Team. You can find us on FB at that title. We have been asked by a local pregnancy center to make jogging stroller covers. Would you mind if we take your pattern and make something similar? We sew everything we make. No glue guns and nothing that will come off and hurt a child. Like the elastic bands. We have narrow elastic that we would sew into the fabric.

  2. Love your tutorials! I just want to say that parents have to check in on the baby often when the stroller is covered. Where I live, health professionals strongly advice all new parents against covering strollers with blankets or tight rain covers.

    There is a risk of re-breathing CO2 and overheating, and both may be dangerous for the baby. I realise that the cover in this tutorial is intended for cold days, but the risk of high CO2 levels inside the stroller will still be there, as far as I know.

    Otherwise, this was a good idea and a nice tutorial:)

  3. P.S. For those of you who would like to go waterproof with this, you can get Phthalate Free Vinyl at Joanne’s Fabric and Craft stores. I found out from their corporate dept that all of the vinyl that they carry is Phthalate Free! Essentually, you could just use that to make a clear cover for rainy days if you wanted to (with some colorful binding around the edges!). I would think that it would’nt be good for the warmer weather, a bit too stuffy for baby.

    Robin : )

  4. We’re going to Disney soon and I wanted to make a cover to keep my little guy from getting burned in the sun. What I came up with in my head is, I want to make mine with two sides, with a slit down the middle, this way air can flow around him and he’ll be able to see whilst the other side is blocking the sun! Attaching it by button is a great idea, but since we’ll be out where something like this could be in high demand, I’m going to opt for stitching it to the stroller, this way I’m hoping it’ll deter anyone who might think of taking it. I also want to attach some ribbon ties to the top so I can roll up the half we’re not using, or both sides for night time! Now, if only my little guy would take a 2 hr nap, I could really get something done! LOL

    Thanks for the tutorial!

    Robin : )

  5. I just now found this post and I’m SO GLAD!! I’ve been wondering how I can keep my daughter out if the sun when I go out, and now I’ve found it!! Thank you!

  6. This is great. If you use oil cloth for the outside fabric you wouldn’t have to worry about the waterproof element and could stay out in the rain as long as you wanted. Thanks for sharing the great tutorial.

  7. Our stroller used to have one of these covers but I love the fabric that you used. What a great tutorial! You did an amazing job!

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