DIY Snowman Costume Inspired by Olaf from Frozen

DIY Snowman Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Turn your kiddo into a darling snowman with this fun Frozen inspired DIY Snowman costume tutorial and pattern! This Olaf Halloween costume tutorial goes together easily with a few patterns from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop as well as a Free Pattern for the DIY Snowman body. Look below and you’ll also find a few patterns to go along with your olaf snowman – a Kristoff Pattern and Tutorial and an Elsa Pattern and Tutorial. Now you just need a reindeer….

DIY Snowman Costume Tutorial | Olaf Inspired Pattern and Tutorial

You can make your snowman (or Olaf if that’s the look you’re going for) from fleece. This is a quick and easy costume sew. You just need to make the hat as instructed below, make the snowman body, and then throw on the snowman body over a brown t-shirt (to use for the snowman’s tree arms) and you’re all set for winter.

And the cuteness factor is over the top 🙂

Get Ready to Make Your DIY Snowman

I have a FREE pattern for the snowman body available for you in size 6-12 mos. Pattern is free when you Subscribe to our Newsletter or Join our Facebook Group. Coupon Code is found in New Subscriber E-mail and/or the first post in our Facebook Group. Download the pattern here

If you would like to make this costume in other sizes I recommend using a t-shirt as your starting point for the pattern. The snowman body is shaped just like a tee through the shoulders and arm openings and then you want to make a bubble shape that will end near the knee. The fit is very forgiving on this so don’t stress about getting it perfect. This same costume fits my 5 month old and my 2 year old 🙂

DIY Olaf Halloween Costume Materials:

  • Snow Day Hat & Mittens pattern (or similar) as the starting point for the hat
  • 1 yard white fleece (remember this is for the 6-12 mos. You may need more fabric for other sizes)
  • 1/8 yard orange fleece for the nose
  • Black and Brown felt for embellishing
  • Polyfil
  • 1/4″ Elastic
  • Velcro if your hat has a chin strap
  • White Zipper (mine was 9″)

Snowman Body Instructions:

Time to sew! Please keep in mind this is a costume and I sewed the entire thing in 2 hours. Some edges are unfinished since fleece doesn’t fray and personally I don’t mind the look. I’m all about quick and easy for something that won’t be worn very many times

Body Step 1. Lay your zipper face down on one of the back pieces and sew along one side using your zipper foot. Don’t sew too close to the teeth or it will be hard to zip up with the bulky fleece. IMG_9998

Body Step 2: Sew the other side of the zipper to the other back piece and then sew up the rest of the center back seam. This is not a perfect zipper installation but it’s super quick 🙂IMG_9999

Body Step 3: Fold the top ends of the zipper tape down and tack them downIMG_0002

Body Step 4: Cut out three black felt circles for buttons and topstitch them to one of the front pieces. Lay the embellished front on top of your 2nd front piece. Sew the layers together around the neck, one arm opening, one side seam and the bottom edge. Sew 2 rows of stitching 1/2″ apart from each other between the 1st and 2nd buttons to create a channel for your elastic. IMG_0004

Body Step 5: Slide some 1/4″ elastic through the casing with a safety pin. Pull to the desired snugness (my elastic was around 3/4 of the width of the costume) and tack down at each end. IMG_0005

Body Step 6: Add some polyfill to the top and bottom portions of the body and then sew the 2 layers together along the other side and arm opening. IMG_0007

Body Step 7: With rights sides together sew the front layers to the back piece at the shoulder and side seams.

Body Step 8: I didn’t get a close-up photo of this step but to gather in the bottom edge a bit I added some 1/4″ elastic to the bottom edge. Just place your elastic on the bottom edge on the wrong side of the fabric and then sew in place with a zig-zag stitch stretching the elastic as you go and it will gather all on it’s own.

How to Make the Snowman Costumes Hat

Time for the head! You’ll need a basic hat pattern to start with. I used the Snow Day Hat & Mittens

Hat Step 1. Sew 2 of your hat body pieces together (I have all 4 sewn together at this point but ignore that and just do 2). Cut out 2 brown eyebrows and your eyes from black and white felt (or fleece). Topstitch onto the face making sure you leave room for the nose

Hat Step 2: Cut out 2 nose pieces and sew together leaving the bottom edge open. Stuff part way with polyfil. This was my trial run nose and I cut a new one later with a wider base which looked much better


Hat Step 3: Position the nose below the eyes and sew to the face. Stop when you have 1/2″ or so left to do and finish stuffing with polyfil. I found this easiest to sew using my zipper foot with the needle moved all the way over to the left.


Hat Step 4: Cut 3 twigs from brown felt for the “hair”. Lay the twigs out on top of another piece of brown felt, topstitch together and then cut out. This is much easier than trying to sew 2 tiny pieces together.


Hat Step 5: Center the base ends of the twigs at the top of the face. With right sides together sew the 2 hat halves together (step 2 in the pattern tutorial if you’re using the Snow Day Hat).


Hat Step 6: Before sewing the hat band pieces together in step 8 I added trimmed down the band a bit in front and added a tooth. Once the hat was complete I added a smile and it was done!

There you have it. That was a pretty easy DIY costume wasn’t it? I hope you have fun sewing up Olaf!


Other Costumes

Also make sure to check out Kristoff and Elsa!

Also, be sure to join our sewing community at the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.


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  1. Ciao ho richiesto e inserito codice gratuito nel carrello per carta modello si olaf ma poi dove lo scarico? Grazie un progetto fantastico

  2. I’m about to attempt this for my 6yo… Obviously scaling it up! Any idea to what % for a size 6?! Hopefully someone in your fb group knows sand made one before! 😂

  3. A template for the nose and/or facial features would be nice. They really hung me up. Also having trouble figuring out how to add the tooth.

  4. I just made a 2T version for my toddler based on your really great tutorial. Simple shapes, lovely result. The poly-fill front piece is just magic. Thanks so much for posting and sharing your talent.

  5. Thank you so much for this cute pattern and instructions! It was easy and fun to make and my little guy made a super cute Olaf in it.

  6. I made this for my 18 month old, and we got so many compliments at trunk ‘n treat last night! Thanks for the pattern. I added fleece pants and sleeves (with brown felt twig arms attached) because it is SO cold here. It was adorable!

  7. Hi Amy,

    Love the Olaf costume, however I do not sew. Would it be possible to use fabric tape or velcro fusion tape to secure the seams together? I also have a hot glue on standby. Would any of these be a workable alternative for a non-sewer such as myself? Thanks!

  8. Hi Amy, I absolutely love this but can not sew at all. I would be willing to pay also if you could make or if anyone else on this feed would be willing to make it please email me.

    Thank so much!

  9. I want to have this made for my 5 month old son- since my 3 yr old daughter is going as Anna. Should i make my pattern a little smaller since he is only 5 months old? I don’t want it to look HUGE on him. Please let me know what you think. Thank you

    1. I just finished this project!! You make four pieces from the one pattern. Back has two half pieces that you sew together and the front is two solid front pieces. I hope that helps.

  10. Hey Amy. I LOVE this Olaf costume! Unfortunately I have no idea how to sew and I don’t have anyone who could do this for me. I would love to have this costume for my almost 3 month old baby boy for Halloween. I really want him to be Olaf since my girls will be Elsa and Anna. I have looked everywhere for a costume in his size but there isn’t one. Is there any possible way I could pay you to
    make this for me? Please?

    1. Melanie…I may be able to make you one. I just finished this costume and I can make up another one if you’re interested. I’m asking $52.50 including shipping and you will be guaranteed to get it before Halloween. Let me know if you are interested…Kelly

      1. Kelly, I would like to talk with you more about this! I would also like to see pictures of your finished costume. Can I email you? Or are you on facebook?

    2. Hi Melanie! The comments from this feed pop up in my email and I noticed you are looking for someone to make this costume. This is a back up only if you don’t hear back from Kelly. I don’t want to step on any toes. My email is if you need it. Good luck!

  11. I’m dying for this costume and not nearly talented enough to make it, nor do I have any personal contacts who I could beg to help me out. Do you have any you could sell or have the time to sew one up real fast in exchange for reimbursement? Ooooh pretty please! I would love it if my 5 month old could match her sister! Thanks!

    1. Hi Rachel…I am making this costume for my infant cousin and I have another one available if you’re interested in purchasing one. Let me know…Kelly

        1. $52.50 including shipping. I can post pictures of the finished costume and you will be guaranteed to receive it before Halloween

          1. Hi Kelly, I know this is very last minute but I am interested in the baby Olaf costume for my 4 month old. The price is good for me but I wasn’t sure if you will have enough time to ship it by Halloween…please let me know, thanks!

          2. Sorry, but by the time I finish the costume and ship it, I don’t think there will be enough time to send it to you, even by priority mail, unless you want to pay extra for overnight shipping, but I think that is cutting it close, at least for me. Maybe there is someone on this list who can help you out sooner than I could.

  12. Wish I would have seen your costume tutorial, before I made a Olaf costume. Mine is similar except the neck is elastic, so the child just pulls it over their body. I will definitely be referring to your post for the hat though, so thank you for sharing your pattern!

  13. Hi! Great pattern. Thank you for sharing. I need help with step 4 and 5. Step 4: after the first arm hole, do you go straight through on the side seam or do you leave an open space for the elastic to go through when the channel is made? And for step five, when you say tack down the elastic, you just mean a couple quick stitches over the top? Thanks.

      1. Thank you! I was able to finish the body suit and now I’m working on the hat! It’s turning out pretty cute despite my novice sewing skills! 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for pattern, I am making this for great grandson. I am stumped on pattern piece 3. Is this sewn between pattern pieces 1 and 2 or is it the facing for elastic? Sorry, but I am not seeing how to use 3

  15. Thank you for the pattern. It is just perfect for my nearly 6month old son. I shall give it a try in two weeks time and will send you a pic if it comes out pretty:) Cheers!

  16. Hi! Thanks so much for this pattern! I’m using this for my 15 month old and enlarged the Kristoff for my seven year old. They are a great addition to my other children’s Elsa and Oaken costumes! I do have one question though: The instructions say to cut out two nose pieces…I just want to be sure that I’m not missing them somewhere. If they’re not included in the pattern, would you please let me know the general shape to make them (I’m a very novice sewer).

    Thanks so much!

    1. You can just ignore my question. Looking at the pattern, it’s pretty obvious that it’s just two carrot shapes sewn together. Do you know about how long you made them? Thanks!

  17. I downloaded the olaf pattern and purchased the hat and mitten pattern also. I’m making the olaf costume and am stumped as how to sew the elastic onto the costume. Is there a channel piece that I am missing as it goes between the second and third button. Please advise. Appreciate the pattern!.

  18. Amy,
    No words can thank you enough for the time energy and kindness it takes to think of all of the moms, grandma’s, in my case nannies, who may need to make a costume for a child they love enough to sit here and sew it.
    We could not have done such an adorable snowman without your pattern and instruction.
    I bought 2 yards of fabric because I didn’t want to mess up and not have extra. Bought the hat pattern. And using some store coupons only spent a total of $17.51 how great is that! I have so much stuff left over I could make several more things. I have a hat pattern I will use to make hats for my friends kids! So excited!!!
    Thanks again for making the day of my boss, who doesn’t sew, the boy I nanny, me. But most of all so many children who will be little snowmen this year!

  19. Loved it! Can’t beat a cute, free pattern.

    I used Velcro sew-on squares cut in half instead of a zipper, with very little overlap at the back center seam. Faster to do, and it looks great.

    I started with 1.5 yards of fleece and made both the hat and the body; there is enough left over to make another body and hat, or to do 2-3 more hats.

  20. I’m going to attempt to make this costume for my 9 month old daughter and am a little confused. This is not something I’ve typically done but I do know how to do basic sewing. I printed out the pattern and am unclear how many of the same shape pieces to cut. Do I cut out 2 pieces for the front (each made up of 2 of piece 1, and 2 of piece 2 from the pattern) so that I can sew them together with polyfil in between? And then cut out another one for the back? And where exactly does piece 3 fit in? Thank you!

    1. Tape together pieces 1,2, and 3 to form the full size piece. Then you cut 2 of the front (the fluff goes in-between) and a left and a right for the back

      1. Thanks for clarifying that. Since this is my firsttime trying anything like this, I was so glad when I saw someone asked what to do with the 3 pieces. It was so unclear that you have to tape pieces 1 & 2 & 3 together to make the pattern. Now I understand. Thanks for asking the question Jillian!

  21. I did it!!! It looks adorable too! I’m so proud of myself, I wish I could post a picture for you 🙂 Thank you for the idea! My youngest is 10, so I made one for my friend’s 2 year old. You’re awesome. Thanks!

      1. I didn’t change a thing. I used exactly the amount of material that she said to use since she said the final product fit her 6 month old as well as her 2 year old. It’s a perfect fit for my friend’s 2 year old, who is what I would consider petite. Good luck!

  22. Hi I was looking at the olaf custume and I want to know if you have the measurement for the white fleece to cut out because I dont see the measurement for it

      1. What link? I am having trouble finding the directions on the actual body design? I see the shape, and can cut that, but how do i actually make that to be able to stuff and sew? My little one will pull the stuffing out if i try to just stuff him haha. I am nervous about making this and the explanation on here, isn’t as in-depth as i would like! Haha I assume the more in-depth explanation is on the link?

        1. The front is made up of 2 pieces with the fluff in-between. On the pattern piece you’ll see it has you cut 2 for the front. Steps 1-8 here on the blog post tell you how to put it together along with photos

      2. Very confused by the olaf pattern. There are 3 patterns and not sure what the 3rd one is for. Also do you have a total of 4 front pieces so that you can make a casing for the elastic and to also stuff it?

  23. I have downloaded the free pattern (2 pages) for the body. Thank you so much for this. But I have one question…is there a pattern page that I’m missing for the features?

  24. While, I am certain that my Olaf will be a big hit and greatly appreciate having a free pattern and instructions to follow, I do have a Buyer Beware comment: The FREE pattern is for the body of snowman, not the cute head. If you want the head, that will cost $7. xx. Now, I don’t mind paying for somebody else’s work and good ideas, I don’t like to feel tricked into doing it. Also, the instructions indicate that 1.5 yards of white fleece is required. In reality, mine only took .5 yards. So now I’ve paid for a yard of white fleece that I don’t need. Probably I’ll use it for another project, but I’ll hesitate before I take recommended yardage amounts again.

    1. If you look at the materials list I tried to make it pretty clear that the hat is a separate pattern. I’m definitely not trying to deceive anyone. I know I had some extra fabric but I the hat and body definitely would not have fit on 1/2 yard. I’ll update that list to 1 yard though (I had to estimate a bit when I was fabric shopping)

  25. Thank you! I made foam, muppet style Olaf heads for my two boys who want to be Olaf, but I was trying to figure out how to make the bodies. I think I’ll use large white adult t-shirts, with the arms cut off, instead of the fleece, but I’ll put it together like yours. Love it!

  26. Hello Amy!
    Just like everyone else commenting here…I can’t sew to save my life. I want this costume for my 18m old daughter so my 3yr old Elsa can have her own little Olaf for Halloween. Please let me know if you are willing to make and sell one. All the other versions for sale on Etsy and such pale in comparison to yours!

  27. My email would only come up in all uppercase but all letters should be lowercase. lol Anyway I just love love love this costume. My 3 year old is going as elsa and wants her 7 month old sister to go as olaf but I can not sew for anything! Are you selling them by any chance? PLEASE lol

      1. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I can’t wait to give it a try. Sorry to ask this again, but I can’t figure out why piece 3 is needed? Thank you!

  28. HI Amy! I was also wondering if you would be willing to sell an olaf costume. My 4 year old daughter is going to be Elsa, so I would love for my current 5 month old baby boy to be Olaf. I can not find anything in his size for I would need a size 6mo- 9mo for him. I too cannot sew! Please let me know if you can make and sell me one. Thanks!

  29. HI Amy! I was wondering if you would be willing to sell an olaf costume? i am in dire need of one for my baby is also a size 6mo- 12mo. i cant sew for nothing lol. pleaseeee let me know if you can make and sell me one pleaseee! thank you 🙂 if not, no big deal lol

  30. This pattern is so cute! I wanted to make it for my grandson so I went to Craftsy to download the pattern. The pattern available for download did NOT include the pattern piece(s) for the hat. HELP!! Could you please e-mail the additional piece to me OR re-upload the entire pattern to Craftsy and then e-mail me so I can download it from there? Thank you so much for your help!!!

    1. I’d just add 1/2″ to the side seams and a bit of length and you should be good to go 🙂 It’s a pretty flexible fit

    1. You can download the pattern by following the link to craftsy. If you want to print out the instructions I would copy them and paste into a word doc. and then print

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