DIY Pumpkin Costume | Use Peek-a-Boo Patterns to Make a Pumpkin Costume

DIY Pumpkin Costume

The DIY pumpkin costume for baby is quick, easy and oh so cute! My baby’s name is Jack so it seemed fitting that he would be a Jack O’ Lantern for his first Halloween 🙂

DIY Pumpkin Costume

At the last minute, I discovered that his costume was roomy enough to fit over the front pack. This was perfect for trick-or-treating with the big kids!

Patterns Used to Make the DIY Pumpkin Costume

I’m not going to go step by step through how I put this together – It’s super easy. I just used the following patterns and customized them:

  • Hat:  For the green pumpkin hat I used the Lullaby Line Hat single knot option in green
  • Pumpkin Body: The body of his costume was based on the Slumber Sack. I used the pattern for the top and then just angled the sides out so I could make it nice and round. The free Romperalls would also be a good starting point. I followed the instructions from the Olaf Costume to add the fluff and elastic along the bottom edge.

That’s all I did for this simple costume for the baby’s first Halloween. I’m excited to see what you make! Whatever it is, come share it with us in the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group!

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