DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial

DIY Pillow Cover
Have a room that needs a quick face lift? Liven things up with some new toss pillows with this DIY Pillow Cover!
And since you can get the DIY Pillow Cover done in 3 steps and with less than 1 yard of fabric it’s quick and budget friendly too 🙂

DIY Pillow Cover | 3 Step Throw Pillow Case

diy pillow cover
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial
Since our kiddos are sharing a room I’m trying to add a few more boyish items. I thought about doing something fancier with my pillow and then I decided that the fabric was so cute I would just leave it alone and I’m glad I did. This DIY pillow cover seriously took 10 minutes.
And I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the zipper was to put in and love how professional looking it is. I’ve tried the envelope style pillow covers and with a toddler in our house they’re always getting pulled off. Luckily she hasn’t found this zipper yet 🙂
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial

DIY Throw Pillow Cover Instructions

Throw Pillow Cover Step 1: Measure your pillow and cut 2 squares to 1″ bigger than your measurement (assuming a 1/2″ seam allowance). With your zipper face down sew one edge of the zipper to one edge of the pillow cover.
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial
Throw Pillow Cover Step 2: Take your 2nd pillow cover piece and sew one edge to the other side of the zipper. It will look like this when you’re finished
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial
Throw Pillow Cover Step 3: Fold the cover in half so right sides are together and sew up the remaining 3 edges. Make sure the zipper is part way open. Turn right side out and zip your pillow in and you’re all set!
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial
Now the only problem is keeping it on the rocking chair. Someone keeps wandering off with it to use as a bed for Cosmo (BYU’s mascot).
DIY Pillow Cover 3 Step Tutorial
I think he looks pretty cozy 🙂

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  1. adorable!!! LOVE the fabric. I will have to try the zipper… I usually do the pocket, but they don’t always look so great… the pillow oozes out sometimes… yours is beautiful!

  2. That is so cute! I am getting a sewing machine for Christmas and I cannot wait to use this tutorial to make some pillows for our couch! Thanks for posting!


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