DIY Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket

DIY Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Fall!  Colored leaves, pumpkins, crisp air…what could make it any better?  How about a DIY Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket.  And the cherry on top is a pocket infinity scarf!  Because everyone can use another pocket.  

DIY Pocket Infinity Scarf

Scarf Supplies

For today’s tutorial, you’ll need:

  • a yard of fabric
  • a zipper
  • two rectangles of cloth the same length as your zipper and about 5 inches deep.
DIY Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket

Infinity Scarf Instructions

Pocket Scarf Step 1: Measure 12 inches from the selvedge edge down the raw edge of the yard of fabric and mark it with a pin.  Do the same on the opposite raw edge of the yard of fabric so that when you fold the fabric in half like a hot dog, the pins match up.

Pocket Scarf Step 2: Lay your zipper along one of the long edges of the yard of fabric with the end of the zipper at the pin.  The zipper teeth should face the right side of the fabric.  Sew the zipper to the yard of fabric. 

Pocket Scarf Step 3: Lay one of the rectangles of cloth on top of the zipper.  Sew along the edge of the rectangle.

Pocket Scarf Step 4: Repeat with the other side of the yard of fabric, the other side of the zipper tape, and the other rectangle of fabric.  

Pocket Scarf Step 5:Fold the yard of fabric in half like a hot dog, right sides together, with the rectangles of fabric pulled out away from the yard of fabric.  They should lay right on top of each other.  

Pocket Scarf Step 6: Sew along the raw edge of the yard of fabric.  When you get to the rectangles of fabric, sew along 3 edges of the rectangles and then continue the rest of the length of the yard of fabric.  You now have a tube of fabric with a rectangle hanging off.

Pocket Scarf Step 7: Start turning the tube of fabric inside out. Match the openings of the tube, right sides together. 

Pocket Scarf Step 8: Sew around the edge of the tube openings but stop before getting to the beginning so there is a hole.  

Pocket Scarf Step 9:Turn the tube right side out through the hole. 

Pocket Scarf Step 10: Sew up the hole with either your machine or with a ladder stitch.

Pocket Scarf Step 11: The zipper should open to a small pocket perfect for storing chapstick, gum, and other little delights. Cha-Ching! A pocket infinity scarf ready for fall, winter, and beyond!

DIY Pocket Infinity Scarf

Now you know how to make a DIY Infinity Scarf with hidden pocket! These pocket infinity scarfs make great gifts so start those machines sewing! The Holidays are right around the corner!! If you enjoyed this tutorial, you’d love many of the others here at Peekaboo Pages, including:

4 Responses

  1. I’d love to make some some time, I love the one I bought long ago. Thanks for the tutorial! This is great and the one you model looks so nice.

  2. I don’t know why but the whole infinity scarf thing is still blowing my mind… Can’t seem to figure it out! I think I just need to see one in person

  3. Thank Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, been trying to follow other tutorials for this pocket scarf without success, this is the clearest example of all, I am going to be able to sew up lots of these now 🙂

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