#1 DIY Hobo Bag | Free Tutorial

DIY Hobo Bag
 I love giving handmade gifts – it just has that extra bit of love:) With this free diy hobo bag tutorial you can make the perfect gift in only takes 10 steps!

DIY Hobo Bag | How to Make a Hobo Bag

You’ll love it so much you might end up with 2:)
The DIY Hobo Bag even looks nice and pretty on the inside:) And has a pocket to help declutter your gear.

DIY Hobo Bag Materials:

  • Home Decor or other heavy fabric: I used a thrifted PB pillow sham
  • Fabric for the liner: I used twill
  • Magnetic Snap

DIY Hobo Bag Instructions:

Hobo Bag Step 1: Cut out your pieces.
  • Strap: 30×4″
  • Body (x2): 18×15″
  • Pocket: 8×6″
  • Facing (x2): 18 x 4″
DIY Hobo Bag Liner:
  • Strap: 30×4″
  • Body (x2): 18 x 12″
  • Pocket: 8×6″
Hobo Bag Step 2: Let’s get the pocket ready to go. With right sides together (RST) sew the outer pocket to it’s liner around all the edges leaving a 2″ gap at the top.
Hobo Bag Step 3: Turn the pocket right side, tuck the raw edges in and press flat. Topstitch across the top edge.
Hobo Bag Step 4: With RST sew the strap to its liner along the 2 long edges. Turn right side out and then topstitch along the 2 long edges.
Hobo Bag Step 5: With RST sew a strip of facing to each body piece of the liner

Hobo Bag Step 6: Add the magnetic snap to the right side of the facing (make sure it’s at least 1″ down from the top edge ) and topstitch the pocket to the liner along the bottom and 2 sides. To make a pocket with compartments you can topstitch a line down the middle and turn it into 2 pockets.

Hobo Bag Step 7: With RST sew the 2 outer bag pieces together along the 2 sides (shorter dimension) and the bottom edge. Repeat with the liner.
Hobo Bag Step 8: If you want your bag to have a little width at the bottom fold each corner like you’re wrapping a present and then sew across it perpendicular to the bottom seam line. Your bag and liner should be inside out when you do this step. My stitch line going across each corner was 3.5″
 View from the right side
Hobo Bag Step 9: With the right sides together slide the outer bag and liner inside each other and then slide the strap in between the layers so the raw edges sticking out at the side seams. The right side of the strap should be facing the right side of the outer bag. Sew around the top edge of the bag leaving a 4″ gap for turning.
***Make sure your strap isn’t twisted***
Hobo Bag Step 10:Turn the bag right side out, tuck in the raw edges and topstitch along the entire top edge
Have fun sewing!
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  1. OMGosh thank you so much! I have been searching on how to gather the bottom of the bag and I just couldn’t “get it”! When you said “fold each corner like you’re wrapping a present” Boom I got it!

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