DIY PJ Masks Costume Tutorial

DIY PJ Masks Costume

DIY PJ Masks Costume Tutorial

My kids all love PJ Masks and I was so excited to sew a Gecko costume! This DIY PJ Masks Costume Tutorial is a major mom win- it’s extremely easy and afterwards and can be worn as pjs 🙂

My little guy loves this costume so much that this is actually his 2nd version of it! He wore the first one until it practically disintegrated. His mask is looking a bit tattered but he didn’t mind so we just went with it 😉 Clearly it gives him some pretty amazing super powers!

To make your own all you need are some green pajamas (or sew your own using the Alex & Anna Winter PJs and kelly green knit) and felt for the mask and applique on the chest. I found a free mask pattern available here and if you need a logo to trace for the chest you can find one here

And here’s the full PJ Masks crew! I originally made these as a Valentine’s Day gift. Look at my tiny little gecko! This was the original pair of pjs and the mask when it was in a bit better shape 🙂 And since I’m all about making my life simple when those Owlette PJs were outgrown I just picked the logo right off the chest and turned them into my son’s Flash costume.

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