20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

DIY Fabric Flower

DIY Fabric flowers are such a fun way to use up your scraps and add a fun accent to any project. Sew one onto a dress or sash, attach them to brooch pins so they can be interchangeable, or make a fun headband.

Another of my favorite sneaky uses for DIY fabric flowers is to cover up a mistake on a sewing project, like a wonky neckline or a burn mark from the iron. Everyone will think it was supposed to be that way! Here are 20 free tutorials for fun fabric flowers:

1. Super quick rolled DIY fabric flower from Little Bit Funky

These fun bundles of fabric flowers are easily made by cutting strips of fabric, making small cuts in each strip, and then rolling those strips up. These can be made out of a variety of fabrics. Add some embellishments to make each one unique.  


2. Rolled Fabric Flowers Tutorial from Jones Design Co. 

These rolled fabric flowers are popular and can be put together without sewing. All you need is fabric, scissors, and a hot glue gun and you can put these together in no time. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

3. Colorful fabric flower from The Adkins Family

These fabric flowers will take a little work but the result is really great. You’ll start with some circles from your fabric scraps, do some going, and end up with flowers like the ones shown in the picture below. 


4. Folded petal flower from The House of Smiths

These fabric flowers also employ a few circles of fabric scraps and buttons to make this multi-dimensional fabric flower that you could place on a headband or elsewhere. 

Hair bows and Stella and Dot 031

5. Simple 5 Inch Fabric Flower from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

These fabric flowers are a little bit larger than some of the others – coming in at 5 inches! They’d be great for adding embellishments to clothes or other projects around the home. 


6. Fabric Rosette from Peek-a-Boo Pages

The DIY Fabric Rosette from our blog contributor Stephanie is a super easy sewing project for a rosette that would look great on headbands, clothes, pictures frames, etc. Check it out. 

DIY Fabric Rosette

7. Pretty Pansy Fabric Flowers from Martha Stewart

When you can’t get fresh flowers – these pansy fabric flowers from Martha Stewart make a worthy substitute. She has a printable template and a 4-step tutorial to show you how it’s done. 


8. Ruffled Fabric Flowers from Thriving Home

These are quick and easy flower projects that won’t take you much time or cost you much money. They share a simple five-step design to make these up quickly. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

9. Layered Fabric Flower from Thinking Closet

If you’re looking for a summer or spring embellishment for your clothing then this fabric flower tutorial might be just for you. She’ll show you how to design the perfect fabric flower in Silhouette Studio and then use fabric and interfacing to put it together easily. 

Layered Fabric Flower Tutorial

10. DIY Puffy Fabric Flowers

Here’s a tutorial for a unique puffy fabric flower. They include a sewing pattern for you so get out your fabric, a little polyester stuffing, and a big button to sew these up quickly. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

11. Easy Scrap Fabric Flowers

Make the petals for these fabric flowers and then layer then together and pin them with a button in the middle. Make them into brooches or sew directly onto clothing. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

12. Fabric Flower from How About Orange

These were originally made to be put on an origami box. An easy project that would be great for all sorts of things, these multi-layer flowers can be customized millions of different ways. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

13. DIY Stem Fabric Flowers From Live Laugh Rowe

Most of the fabric flowers on the list are made to attach easily to something else – like clothing or house goods. These were actually designed to imitate real flowers by being put into a vase. You can make them quickly with fabric, green floral wire stems, and some sewing tools and supplies. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

14. Learn How to Make Fabric Roses

These fabric roses would be the perfect decoration for Valentine’s Day or about any time of the year. Put them together with some wooden dowels, some fabric scraps, green felt and paint, and a glue gun. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

15. Stem Fabric Flowers from Ideas to Live For

We’re really on a roll here. This is our third entry in a row with an option for a stem. These fabric flowers will look good in your home – and they won’t even wilt!

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

16. Ruffles and Stuff Headband Flower

These flowers are great for a stylish and modern headband look. She makes several varieties for adults and kids in a simple tutorial. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

17. Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

These fabric flowers come complete with a variety of different flower types and even leaves on the stems!

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

18. Fabric Flowers From Old Shirts

These easy fabric flowers can be made of whatever you have lying around – no need to go out and buy new fabric. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

19. Burlap Fabric Flowers

These burlap flowers would be perfect for a western-themed wedding or special occasion. This tutorial comes complete with a video. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials

20. DIY Fabric Rose

Finally – we come to this elegant DIY Fabric Rose. These flowers are made from strips of satin (or silk or chiffon) and put together with scissors, matching thread, and your sewing machine. The result is amazing. 

20 DIY Fabric Flower Free Tutorials 

We hope you enjoyed searching the web with us to find the top 20 DIY Fabric Flower tutorials. Be sure to come join us in our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group and check out some of our other tutorials below: 

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  1. After looking on Etsy, was looking for these instructions. They were mostly using Christmas tartan fabrics with covered buttons.
    Already have my project for this year, but looking forward to next year.
    Thanks for the instructions, Kate

  2. i love the interpretation, variety and color demonstrated. The fact that you use clothing was an idea I hadn’t thought of using. I like the idea of table centerpieces and aam considering these for an upcoming wedding.


  4. August 30, 2021

    Yes, thank you for corralling these darling flowers for us! I want to do them all.
    However, as JL says above, there are no links for 8, 9, and 10. What’s up with that? I particularly want to do number 8. Even if we just get the names of the blogs, we can go there and find them.
    But again, thanks for bringing these all together!

    1. I googled the entire description (ex: “Fluffy fabric flower from I Heart Naptime”) for flowers 8-10, and it took me right to the tutorials.

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