DIY Easter Basket | Top 10 Other Easter Baskets

Hello everyone. Today we have a fun DIY Easter Basket tutorial from Sara – she’ll show you how to make a fun easter basket out of fabric. We’ll also share our Top 10 DIY Easter Baskets from around the web so you can choose which basket would be right for you.

DIY Easter Basket | Make Your Own Easter Basket

Tutorial #1 | DIY Fabric Easter Basket from Sara

Hi everyone! Sara here from Made by Sara with my contributor’s post. This last week my kids asked me to make them baskets for Easter egg hunting. We are still a couple of weeks away but you can already tell how excited they are!

I made them these easy fabric baskets and I thought I would share a tutorial with you. There are several ways of making fabric baskets, but I have opted for this one that I have been using for years that does not require any hand sewing. A winner right?

Instead of making a single or double handle I decided to sew two ribbons and make tie them to a bow. Doesn’t it look precious?


The final measure of this basket is 6” (width) 11” (length) x 6” (height).

Fabric Easter Basket Materials

  • 2x exterior fabric: 10” (length) x 18” (width)
  • 2x interior fabric: 10” (length) x 18” (width)
  • 2x fusible interfacing: 9” x 17”
  • 2x ribbon: 20”. Note: I have used a ribbon with about  1.5” width but you can use any ribbon 1-2” wide.
  • 1x rick rack (or other embellishment, like pom pom trim): 35”

Optional: bating or any sturdier interfacing, if you want your basket to be really sturdy.

How to make an Easter fabric basket

Fabric Easter Basket Step 1: Cut all pieces according to the measurements above.

Fabric Easter Basket Step 2: Fuse the interfacing pieces to the wrong side of the exterior fabric pieces.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 3: Place both exterior pieces together,  right sides together. Pin both sides and bottom side. Stitch at 1/2”. Make sure to leave the upper side open.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 4: Cut both corners close to the pivoting stitches. Pull one corner out, matching the seams at the center. Mark a line (either with a tailor’s chalk or with pins) 6” long. Stitch along the line. Trim at 1/4”. Repeat on other corner. Turn right side out. Push out to form boxed corners.

Fabric Easter Basket Step 5: Repeat with the interior pieces but in the end keep it with the wrong side out.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 6: Press the edges of both the interior basket and exterior basket 1/2” to the wrong side.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 7: Get the rick rack. Baste it along the folded edge of the interior basket.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 8: Place the ribbon strips at the center of each side of the basket. Pin in place.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 9: Place the interior piece inside the exterior so the wrong sides are together. Carefully match the folded edges of both pieces all around. Pin. Edgestitch.


Fabric Easter Basket Step 10: Remove the basting stitch (from the rick rack). Tie the bow. You’re done!




You can make this basket as an Easter egg hunt basket or as a gift basket! I am having a baby shower later this month and I am already pulling some sweet blue fabrics to make one to offer along with a gift inside. Happy Easter!

Top 10 Easter Basket Ideas & Tutorials

Easter is right around the corner, which means it is time for Easter egg hunts! We have rounded up 10 free Easter basket tutorials to make the day even more magical and exciting for your little ones. Click the link above each picture to find the tutorial.

1. Fabric Easter Egg Basket from Crafty Gemini

Here’s a fun beginner sewing project to make fabric easter baskets. You’ll need some fabric, batting, interfacing, and sewing supplies. She also has a YouTube tutorial to go along with the easter basket. 

DIY Easter Basket | Top 10 Other Easter Baskets

2. Bunny Applique Bag from Craftaholics Anonymous

This is more of an “Easter Bag” tutorial. Aki will show you how to take a blank canvas bag and use her bunny template, some fabric, freezer paper, and a few other things to make a bunny themed tote bag for Easter time. 

bunny applique bag

3. Make a No-Sew Fabric Easter Basket from Diana Rambles

This is a clever design of how to make no-sew fabric easter baskets. You basically use a good amount or rope or cording and wrap it in woven fabric around the plastic bucket to make these fun DIY baskets.  

DIY Easter Basket

4. Bunny Easter Basket from While Wearing Heels

If you want to really take your Easter basket designs up a notch you can make one that looks like an actual Bunny. The ears will take a little extra time but not too much for this fun basket. 

 easter bunny basket tutorial

5. Fabric DIY Easter Baskets from Hawthorne Threads

Hawthorne Threads has some fun Easter themed fabrics as well as a fun and easy fabric easter basket to go along with it. 

fabric basket

6. Mini Bunny Easter Baskets

These Mini Bunny Easter Baskets are easy to make with some felt and vinyl. The tutorial includes a free PDF file to create the basket shapes. You will have to do a little sewing around the edges. 

DIY Easter Basket | Top 10 Other Easter Baskets

7. BOHO Bag from My French Twist

You can make these adult themed easter baskets with some placemats, a gift bag, and a sewing machine. 

DIY Easter Basket | Top 10 Other Easter Baskets

8. Fabric Easter Basket from Positively Splendid

These fabric easter baskets have a ton of color and make an excellent decorative easter basket. You’ll need 3 coordinating fabrics, fusible fleece, interfacing, and a few things for decorations. 


9. Linen Easter Basket from Nana Company

This unique linen fabric basket comes with a great step-by-step tutorial to help you put it together quickly. 

linen fabric basket

10. Soft fabric basket from Somewhat Simple

Here’s our last entry from Somewhat Simple. This is a great fabric basket tutorial that can be used for many different applications – of course, one of those is as an Easter Basket. Pick your fabric from and make the perfect one. 

soft fabric baskets

I hope this inspires you to go out and create some Easter cuteness!

Other Fun Tutorials

I hope you enjoyed all of these different Easter basket tutorials. If so, you might enjoy some of these other Easter-themed and other blog posts:

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