DIY Dalmatian Costume | 101 Dalmatians Costumes

Looking for an easy family Halloween Costume??? Dress up as the crew from 101 Dalmatians, starting with our DIY Dalmatian Costume. 

DIY Dalmatian Costume | 101 Dalmatians Costumes

Little Miss is a die-hard dog lover so this year she’s going to be a Dalmatian Puppy. 
Easy peasy! I just finished her costume and our costumes won’t take much work at all- just a quick rummage through the closet and maybe a trip to the thrift store. If you have a big family you could have lots of puppies:) Or have someone go as Cruella.
Maybe that’s what we should’ve dressed little miss sassy pants as:)
DIY Dalmatian Costume
Although she does make a pretty cute puppy!
On Halloween, I’m going to complete her outfit with a face painted nose and a dog collar. I decided to go with a skirt and sweater so she can wear the skirt for dress-up for the next few years. And I just love little girls in skirts:)
Depending on your fabric choice and accessories you could really use this to make any animal- cat, tiger, lion, cow??? Any other ideas? What are you doing for Halloween this year?
Ready to make your own?

101 Dalmatians Costume Materials

  • Dalmatian Fabric
  • Scrap of fabric for the skirt liner
  • Tulle
  • Hot glue gun and a headband or hairclips
  • Black shirt to wear underneath
  • 1″ elastic

DIY Dalmatian Costume Dress Instructions

Dalmatian Costume Dress Step 1: Cut out your skirt piece. You want it to be about 2″ longer than your finished skirt and 1.5x your kid’s waist measurement. Sew up the side seams.

Dalmatian Costume Dress Step 2: Sew up the side seams of the liner. The liner should be the same width as the skirt but 4-5″ shorter. Cut a strip of tulle about 2-3x your skirt width and gather to match the width of the liner. Sew to the wrong side of the liner

Dalmatian Costume Dress Step 3: With wrong sides together slide the liner onto the skirt and position it 1.5″ down from the top. Stitch in place. If you want the tulle to peek out the bottom have the bottom edge of the tulle line up with the bottom edge of the skirt.

Dalmatian Costume Dress Step 4: Fold the top of the skirt down 1/2″ and then another 1″ towards the wrong side. It should now be covering the raw edge of the skirt liner. Stitch in place along the bottom edge leaving a gap to thread your elastic through. Cut your elastic to 2″ shorter than your kiddo’s waist, thread it through the casing and sew the ends together. Sew up the gap in the skirt.
(sorry about the sideways photo)

Dalmatian Costume Dress Step 5: Fold bottom edge of the skirt over twice and topstitch to create your hem.

 Skirt’s done! Time for the sweater

Dalmatian Sweater Instructions

Dalmatian Sweater Step 1: Use a sweater that fits well as a guide. Fold your sweater in half and place the fold of the sweater on the fold of your fabric. Cut around the sweater leaving a seam allowance at the side seam and some room at the bottom for hemming. Remember this is just a costume so it doesn’t need to be perfect:)

Dalmatian Sweater Step 2: Use the back piece as a guide to cut out 2 front pieces. Extend the center seam about 1.5″ so you have room to make a placket. Make sure you cut out a left and a right front piece.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 3: Use your sweater as a guide to cut out 2 sleeves. Sleeves are cut on the fold- the longer edge will be on the fold and the shorter edge that starts at the armpit is where your seam will go. Make sure you leave room for hemming the sleeve and sewing up the inseam.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 4: With the right sides together sew the sweater’s front pieces to the back piece at the shoulder and side seams.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 5: With the right sides together sew up the inseam of each sleeve.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 6: With right sides together sew the sleeves into the armhole openings of the jacket. If your sleeve is too big for the armhole opening you can gather it a bit along the top edge.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 7: I used my double needle to finish all of my edges. Since my fabric didn’t fray I just folded over once and then stitched it down. It looks great on the front and it does a little zig-zag stitch on the back to hold everything down well.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 8: First I used it on the neck line and the hem. Then I switched back to my regular needle. Fold the placket over to the wrong side and then stitch down about 1″ from the folded edge.

 I also used my double needle to hem the sleeves, but if you don’t like sewing in tight little spaces you may find it easier to use a regular needle.

Dalmatian Sweater Step 9: Add a button and buttonhole to the top of the placket. I decided to just do 1 button and keep it easy:)


Dalmatian Accessories

Dalmatian Tail: Cut out your tail and with the right sides together sew up the side seam and the angled tip. Turn right side out and stuff. I forgot to take a finished photo, but I’m sure you can imagine it:) I just safely pin it to the back of her skirt.

Dalmatian Ears: The ears are just 2 triangles. I sewed up the 2 angled edges with right sides together and then turned them right side out and hot glued one edge to hair clips. I just put little miss’ hair in pigtails and then stuff her hair inside the ears. I thought they would lie a bit flatter, but she has a lot of hair so they stick straight out:)


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