DIY Car Garbage Bag

DIY Car Garbage Bag
Let’s make a DIY Car Garbage Bag Today. It’s road trip season! And carpool season is coming up too:) Keep your car spic and span with a nifty car garbage bag.

How to Make a DIY Car Garbage Bag

DIY Car Garbage Bag
Made from a re-purposed reusable shopping bag you’ll have this whipped up in no time!

Garbage Bag Instructions

Car Garbage Bag Step 1: Cut out your pieces (ignore the bib and focus on the black outlines). We’re going to use the original bag handle, so cut out 2 rectangles for the front and back that are wide enough to include the handle. Make the back piece long enough to also be the bottom of the bag. I cut my sides out of the bottom of the bag so they’d be a different color. Unpick the handle from the front of the bag
DIY Car Garbage Bag
Car Garbage Bag Step 2: Turn the top edge of the side pieces to the back and stitch down to create a finished look. Sew the side pieces to the back piece along the side and bottom edge. You’ll wrap the back piece around to form the bottom of the bag.
DIY Car Garbage Bag
Car Garbage Bag Step 3: Sew the front piece on
DIY Car Garbage Bag
 Enjoy your clean car!
DIY Car Garbage Bag

DIY Car Garbage Bag
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  1. I did this last night. I hate the plastic-y feeling reusable bags and I have a few that were given as freebies at some point. So I took one with a nice forest design on it (I love green) and I cut off the bottom few inches, cut two inches of the depth as well. I thought it was funny to leave the word “Merci” on the sides LOL, like saying “thank you for taking care of your trash”.

  2. Here’s a suggestion. Use an ordinary tote bag (I was a librarian and got loads of them from conferences used for purchases and as advertising) and cut one of the two handles off. Use a velcro dot set to hold the top of the bag closed. You don’t even need to sew it, just super glue it on. So simple and useful!

  3. I didn’t get the reason for cutting up a perfectly good bag… Here is a challenge.. I get dog food in a plastic type bag that is very sturdy.. How about finding some uses for these plastic bags..(also cat food)… Thinking of making shopping bags..maybe cushions for the bench.. these hold 16 +lbs of food.. I hate to put them in the trash and they won’t recycle them

    1. I use these in my kitchen trash. I put them in as i would a regular trash bag, fill until almost ful, then roll the top to close and put in the garbage can to be picked up. They are getting thrown out anyway, why not fill them up first?

  4. Kristin- Well…in my case the bag had a big hole so I never even though of that {lol}. I think for a lot cars though using a full size bag would be a bit big. I think Toys R Us sells some cute ones that are a bit smaller and that would be perfect

  5. i just made one last week. although i used the iron on vinyl and made my straps with a buckle…much more time consuming then yours…dang it:) never thought to use those bags for the fabric, great idea!

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