DIY Camera Bag Purse

DIY Camera Bag Purse
I am loving my new camera and wanted to make sure I kept it in excellent condition. The camera bag it came with was hideous (and no pockets!) and the ones I liked online were super pricey. So I made a camera bag for myself: 

DIY Camera Bag Purse | Make a Purse Into a Camera Bag

I have a lot of purses but all I ever use is a diaper bag, so I turned one of my favorites into a DIY Camera Bag Purse!

DIY Camera Bag Purse
Everything fits perfectly inside and it’s nice and padded. The best thing is I can still use the pockets in the purse lining and if I get tired of this bag I can pull the whole insert out and move it to a new purse. Since I only have 1 lens I just leave it on the camera but if I get another one there’s room to store 2 lenses vertically- I already made the extra divider so I can sew it in at any time.
Ready to make your own?

Materials To Make the Purse Into a Bag for Your Camera 

A. Purse – make sure everything you need fits with room to spare so you can add padding

B. Foam – I used 1″ because that was all Joanns had, but 1″ for the bottom and 1/2″ everywhere else would probably be best

C. 1/2 – 1 yard fabric (1/2 was enough for me but it will depend on your bag size)

Camera Bag Purse Instructions | Make the Insert

Camera Bag Purse Step 1: To start with I cut my foam pieces for the bottom, sides and end. I made a few adjustments after seeing how they fit together.
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Camera Bag Purse Step 2: The bottom and 2 long sides form the main portion of the insert. Cut a piece of fabric long enough to wrap around all 3 pieces (wow horrible photo- sorry about that. I was using my crummy camera)
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Camera Bag Purse Step 3: With right sides together sew up 3 of the sides- the edge you leave open will be where you slide each foam piece in. When you’re finished this edge will meet up with 1 of the end foam pieces. You don’t want it to be on the top of your finished insert since the edge won’t be as pretty
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Camera Bag Purse Step 4: Turn right side out and then sew 2 lines down the middle, forming 3 pockets for your bottom and side pieces. Slide the foam into the pockets and sew up the final side- I just folded the fabric edges under and sewed as close to the edge as possible using my machine- this edge won’t show when you’re done
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Camera Bag Purse Step 5: Make fabric coverings for you 2 end pieces and any divider pieces.
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Camera Bag Purse Step 6: Hand sew the end pieces to the main insert and sew your dividers in place.
DIY Camera Bag Purse
Finished! Enjoy your lovely new diy camera bag purse:)

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Happy Sewing!

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  1. This is so great. I saw the camera purses on esty for like 100 bucks! Granted, I’m not much of a diy person, you make this look pretty simple. I am going to give it a try!

  2. I am DESPERATE for a camera bag! I seriously need to think about making one of these before my camera breaks and before I spend a fortune on one. Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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