DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Today I’m going to show you how to make a DIY bench cushion cover. 

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Seat Cushion Cover

Years ago, my husband made this bench for our home but the bench seat cover has gotten pretty dirty.  The cushion cover is beyond a simple run through the washing machine.  Time for a new bench seat cover! This is an easy and fun DIY project.

DIY Bench Cushion Cover

DIY Bench Cover Materials for the Cushion

You’ll want to use thick woven fabric such as home decor canvas.  Today I’m repurposing a shower curtain made out of canvas.  It has the colors I want and I don’t need it as an actual shower curtain anymore so I’m going with it!

DIY Bench Cover Step 1: Cutting Cushion Cover Pieces

The first thing to do to make a cushion cover is cut out your pieces.  If you’ve already got a cushion that you are just making a new cover for, you can take the old cover off, measure each piece of the cushion, add seam allowance, and cut out your pieces from those measurements.  Or you can take the cover completely apart and use the pieces as pattern pieces.

If you’re making the cushion cover from scratch, measure the length, depth, and height of your cushion.    Cut out rectangles for each of the faces of the cushion using the measurements you took plus seam allowance.  My cushion is 48.5 inches by 17 inches by 2 inches tall and I decided to use a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  

  • Two 49 X 17.5 inch rectangles for the top and bottom
  • Two 2.5 X 17.5 inch rectangles for the short sides
  • Three 2.5 X 49 inch rectangles for the long sides.  

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

You need three pieces for the long sides because two are for creating the opening to get the cushion cover on and off the cushion. 

DIY Bench Cover Step 2: Velcro

You also need some velcro:

  • 48.5 inches of 1-inch velcro
  • 3-4 inches of 2 inch sew on velcro
  • 3-4 inches of 2-inch sticky back velcro

The 2-inch velcro is for getting the cushion to stay on the bench.  You can skip this part if you have a different method for getting it to stay.

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

DIY Bench Cover Step 3: Sewing the Covers for the Cushions

Take two of the long side pieces and serge one of the long edges on each of the pieces.  Then iron the serged edge under using the serging as a guide.  Don’t have a serger?  Zig zag the edge and then iron the edge under 3/8 inch. If your fabric is directional, take care which side you sew under.

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Position the ‘hook’ part of the 1-inch velcro to the wrong side of one of the pieces you just turned under and stitched.  The velcro should be close to the finished edge.  Position the other side of the velcro on the right side of the second long rectangle 3/8 inch from the edge you did not serge and sew.  Stitch in place. 

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Take those two long sides with the velcro and lay them on top of each other with the velcro together.  Check to make sure the width of them together is the same as the width of the short rectangles. Adjust the ends of the long rectangles to match the end of the short rectangles if needed.  Bast the two long rectangles together on the ends.  It can now act as one long rectangle!

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Sew the two long sides to the top and bottom pieces, right sides together.  One of those long sides is actually the rectangle with two layers of fabric and velcro.

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Now is the trickiest part.  Looking at the wrong side of your cushion cover, align one short rectangle into one of the open ends of the cover.  Pin the middle of the sides together.  Clip a corner of the short rectangle diagonally, from the point in towards the center of the rectangle.  Cut up to but not past your seam allowance. 

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Push the seam allowance to one side so it continues the side and pin your short rectangle close to the seam.  

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Push the seam allowance to the other side and line up the other edge of the short rectangle and pin it as well.  Repeat with the other 4 corners.  Lots and lots of pins!!

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Now stitch all around the short rectangle.  At the corners, stitch up to the pin, then place your needle in the fabric one stitch past the pin. 

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

With the needle in the fabric, lift the pressure foot, pivot the fabric to face down the other side of the corner, and reposition the seam and fabric underneath to be behind the needle.  

Repeat with the other short rectangle.  

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

Turn the cushion cover right side out through the velcro side.  Gently poke out the corners.  They should be pretty crisp points.

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

DIY Bench Cover Step 4: Placement

The last step for your DIY bench cover is to attach the cushion to the bench!  Position both sides of the sew on velcro to the bottom of the cushion cover.  Take the sticky back velcro, separate the side, and place them on the corresponding sew on velcro.  Then take the film off exposing the sticky backs. Place the cushion on the bench where ever you want it to stay.  Now the cushion will stay on the bench but can be slightly repositioned and removed for washing! There you have your seat bench cushion cover!

DIY Bench Cushion Cover | Cushion Covers

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