DIY Baby Blanket | Free Tutorial

DIY Baby Blanket

DIY Baby Blanket

Hi! Sara here from Made by Sara. You may have heard the news: I am expecting baby #4! So, all I can think about now is… baby sewing! Today I’m making a quick and easy DIY baby blanket.

I am already sewing up a storm for this  baby. On one hand because I had already handed out almost all of my baby stuff. On the other hand because I wasn’t really sewing when I had my other kids so you can imagine how excited I am now for having the chance to make a baby’s wardrobe and all the other practical stuff too (blankets, burp cloths, diaper pouch, bibs, etc.) for the first time.

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial for a quick baby blanket. You can make one in 10-15 minutes. Perfect for a last minute gift or for a baby shower.


DIY Baby Blanket Materials


  •  2 yards of two different fabrics (fleece, flannel, double gauze, quilting cotton, sheeting, etc.)
  • 37” of pom pom trim in matching color
  • Optional: batting.

How to make a diy baby blanket in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Cut two 37” squares out of your two fabrics of choice. (I used fleece and cotton sheeting.)


Step 2: Grab you pom pom trim. Place it on on the right side of  one of the squares, along one of the edges, and baste  it (use a long stitch on your machine) at about 7/8”. Place it with the pom poms side facing the inside of the blanket, not the edge.

Optional: You can apply pom pom trim on two sides or even all around. It is a matter of personal taste really. Personally I like it on one side only. That way the pom poms won’t be touching the baby’s face.



Step 3: Place the other square on top, right sides facing. Sew all around with a 1” seam allowance. Make sure to leave an opening of 4” on one side so you can turn right sides out.

Tip: When sewing the edge with the pom pom trim, stitch on top of the basting stitches. Be careful not to catch the pom pom balls.

Optional: You can add a layer of batting  between the two fabrics on this step.

Step 4: Close the opening. You can either hand sew or top stitch the blanket all around, at 1/2”.

And that is it! The most quick and easy diy baby blanket ever.



If you’re looking for something a little more complicated, you might like our How to Make a Self Binding Baby Blanket.

Also, be sure to join our sewing community at the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.

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