DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern

How to Make a Fun Kids Apron

Are you looking for some fun diy apron ideas? I had an idea to make a fun apron out of dress pattern and that’s what I’m here to show you today!

My kids love to help in the kitchen! They love baking as much as making dinner (yippee says this tired Momma)! Today I’m going to show you the super easy hack I made to the Maisy Jane Jumper from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.

DIY Apron Ideas

diy apron ideas

Apron Materials & Notions

To begin, you’ll need to purchase the Maisy Jane Jumper since you will mainly be following the pattern instructions for construction. For this hack, you will need a slightly varied list of fabric and notions than stated in the pattern. First, you will only need enough fabric for the front skirt part. For this size 8, I only needed 1/2 yard of fabric. Additionally, you will need a little extra fabric to create the waist ties; scraps or 1/3 yard is plenty.

Sew Fun | Instructions for Sewing the Apron

Next we will cover the ways that we will deviate from the pattern instructions. It’s important to read over the next few steps before you sew! Making notes on your pattern instructions as to the changes is helpful (I need all the reminders) and will keep you from becoming BFFs with your seam ripper!

How to Sew the Bib

We will make 2 changes to the bib construction. First, we will alter the placement of the neck ties and then we will add waist ties. I did not use interfacing for the neck or waist ties.

DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern
DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern 6

Sewing Neck ties

For the neck ties, I cut the pieces on the “bow” cut line to make sure they’d be long enough to tie around the neck like a halter comfortably. Begin with the bib assembly in steps 1-10 of the pattern instructions and then skip to step 16 for the neck-straps, but do NOT baste the straps on as instructed!

You will need to move the straps over slightly more towards center, so they are better angled for tying around the neck. I placed the edge of my strap NEXT TO the notch (moving it more towards the center of the bib) instead of centered over it. [SEE PHOTO BELOW] You can measure it on your child to get a perfect placement. Baste the straps in place.

DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern
Neck ties are placed NEXT TO the notch and Waist Ties are placed where the bib meets the skirt.

Sewing Waist Ties

I cut 2 strips of fabric that were 2.5″ tall by 18″ wide. You can adjust this measurement depending on the side of the child. This measurement was perfect for my average sized 8 year old daughter. I sewed these the same as the neck ties (you can follow step 16 in the pattern). Baste the waist ties in place after attaching the bodice to the skirt. [SEE PHOTO ABOVE]

Sewing the Apron Skirt

Before moving to step 11 for the skirt construction, you will need to hem the sides and bottom of the front skirt piece. We will not be added the back of the skirt so hemming those is a must! I serged the edges and then turned them under, but alternately you can turn the edges under 1/4″ twice towards the wrong side to form the hem. Remember, you will do that to both side edges and the bottom edge. The top edge does not need to be hemmed as it will be encased between the outer bib and the bib lining.

DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern
DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern 7

After hemming the skirt, continue with steps 11 & 12. In step 12, the bottom edge of the bib will extend 1/2″ past the sides of the skirt seam, so you have room to sew on the bib lining.

Next, you will line up the raw edge of the waist ties with the raw edge of the bib. I placed them where the bib met the skirt and that seemed like a good placement for my daughter (you can see them held in place with my red wonder clips in the photo above in the “Waist Ties” section). Baste the waist ties in place.

Continue following the pattern instruction steps 21 – 25. Then you’re all done!! I hope you had fun today with idea to turn this dress pattern into an apron. For some more DIY Apron Ideas take a look at our other posts:

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DIY Apron Ideas | Make an Apron Using a Dress Pattern

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