Cotton Ball Rainbow Art Project

Are you in need of an activity to keep your kids engaged for a long period of time so you can sew? Read? Do the dishes, pay bills? You may discover that something as simple as cotton ball art may just be the key!

Cotton Ball Rainbow Art Completed

This cotton ball rainbow activity is so fun for kids and time intensive! My kids are 9 and 6 and don’t need my help with it at all, so it is a hands off project for me. I do collect the supplies for them and get them started, but they take it from there! My 2 year old gets help from my oldest daughter, so luckily he is engaged too! This activity has kept my kids engaged for 30-45 minutes, long enough to get something done!

Cotton Ball Rainbow Art In Progress

Gather Your Supplies

Here is what you’ll need:
Bag of cotton balls
Thick paper- I use cardstock
Food coloring with several little bowls of water (liquid water color could also be used)
A medicine syringe or dropper for each child

Supplies Needed for Cotton Ball Rainbow Art

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Draw rainbow arcs on your paper about an inch apart.

Step 2: Now go over those lines with liquid glue, and place your cotton balls. This can be as neat or “Creative” as you like!

Gluing cotton balls to paper

Step 3: Prepare a few colors for the group, each color in its own bowl. Use a little water and add food coloring until you get it to your desired vibrancy.

Step 4: Using the medicine syringe or dropper, use one color and apply the water to one entire arc of the rainbow. This will take time, that’s the point! Then, move along to your next color for the next arc.

Gluing cotton balls to paper

Step 5: Let dry for longer than you think, the kids used lots of water!

Completed cotton ball art and a happy child!

Hopefully you got something important finished up during this project time… or sat down to play with color and cotton balls together with your kids!


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