Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern
Are you ready for our Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern? This DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial will add something fun to your Holiday. 
Do you have your Christmas Tree set up yet? We don’t have ours quite yet but we’re planning to go chop a Christmas tree down soon! Christmas is a special time of year and putting up the tree is always a favorite activity. One way to make putting up the Christmas tree even more special is to be able to get out your custom-made Christmas Tree Skirt when you set up the tree every year. You can add fun or meaningful fabrics to your tree skirt to make it even more unique. 
When we were first married I made an easy scalloped tree skirt out of felt – just for fun I’ve added that tree skirt tutorial below this post in case you want something really simple. 
After I started sewing more I made up my own Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern. This DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial will show you all the steps that I used to make a fun tree skirt:  
Today I have a free DIY Christmas Tree Skirt pattern and tutorial to share with you! Also make sure to check out our Christmas Sewing Projects section

Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns | Patchwork Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern
In case you missed it make sure you go check out my post for a free Christmas Stocking Pattern! And the good news is if you cut the tree skirt carefully you’ll have enough scraps leftover from this project to make a few stockings 🙂
When I made this tree skirt, it was for our little family’s first Christmas in our own home. I was so excited to decorate and create some lasting memories around the Christmas tree! With so many darling prints to choose from I ended up doing a 16 panel skirt so I could show them all off.
IMG_0675 - Copy
The DIY Christmas Tree Skirt has a simple bow closure in back to hold everything in place
Ready to get started?
All of my materials for this project were generously provided by The Ribbon Retreat

Christmas Tree Skirt Materials:

    • 3/4 yard cuts of fabric in 8 prints. If your prints are non-directional you could do 4 prints instead. The tree skirt has 16 panels so with 8 prints each print appears twice. If you do 4 you will need to cut 4 in each print instead of 2.  I used the Aspen Frost line
    • 3 yards of muslin for the backing
    • 3 yards of fusible fleece interfacing: this makes a huge difference in the finished product. You won’t want to skip it 🙂 If you cut super carefully and use all your scraps you can get away with 2 yards
    • Ribbon for the ties. I used velvet
    • Pattern: DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Free download available here

Instructions to Sew the Christmas Tree Skirt

Tree Skirt Step 1: Get the tree skirt pattern! The pattern is free when you Subscribe to our Newsletter or Join our Facebook Group. Coupon Code is found in New Subscriber E-mail and/or the first post in our Facebook Group.

Download your FREE tree skirt pattern and cut out your main skirt panels. You need 16 total. I did 2 of each print. The finished tree skirt is 60″ across. For a smaller skirt trim your pattern piece along the bottom edge.

Tree Skirt Step 2: Decide on a layout and then with right sides together (RST) sew the first 2 panels together along the long edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
step 1
Tree Skirt Step 3: Continue adding your adding panels with RST until you have gone all the way around leaving an opening in back between the last 2.
step 2
Tree Skirt Step 4: Baste the tails of your ribbon to each edge of the tree skirt opening. I did 3 ties and my ribbon segments were 12″ long.
step 4
Tree Skirt Step 5: Press flat and then add your fusible fleece to the wrong side of the fabric. I found it easiest to lay my tree skirt upside down on the floor and cut the fusible fleece to size. Then a did a quick once over with the iron (while still on the floor) and flipped it over so it was right side up. Working from the right side I pressed it thoroughly to get the fleece fused on. I did this on the floor as well making sure to be extra careful with my iron 🙂
Tree Skirt Step 6: Lay your muslin over the tree skirt and cut to size. I did one panel across the front half leaving room for a seam allowance along the straight edge and then 2 panels across the back half also leaving room for my seam allowance along the straight edge. The dashed lines in the diagram show where I pieced things together. If in doubt just leave a little extra around the edges and you can trim later. Sew your panels together with RST and then trim away any excess backing.
step 3
Tree Skirt Step 7: With RST sew the backing to the main layer around  all edges leaving a 6″ gap between 2 ribbon segments for turning. Clip the seam allowance along the inside seam allowance so it will lay well when turned.
step 5
Tree Skirt Step 8: Turn right side out and press flat. Topstitch around all edges
step 6
There you have the DIY Christmas Tree Skirt. Enjoy!!

Free Scalloped Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial | Pattern for Felt Tree Skirts

As promised, I’ll also include this short diy Christmas Tree skirt tutorial I did when we were first married to make a scalloped tree skirt – just in case you want something simple.

Is your Christmas tree still naked? Never fear- you can make it a cute scalloped tree skirt with some appliques in no time with this Scalloped Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial!  

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

 Felt Christmas Tree Skirt Materials:

  • Felt tree skirt (Family Dollar- $3 and most big box stores)
  • Green felt
  • Christmas print fabric
  • White & Green baby ric rac
  • Buttons

Felt Christmas Tree Skirt Instructions | Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt

Felt Tree Skirt Step 1: Admire your blank canvas! Or… if you couldn’t find a tree skirt here’s a look at how to make one. Big circle w/ a cutout in the middle and a slit up one side

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 2: Fold the skirt in half, now fold it in half again. Cut out a semi-circle template- I traced around a bowl and cut it in half. Make sure it fits well going all the way across your folded segment. You can trim it a bit to make it fit or just scoot each scallop together a smidge as you cut (that’s what I did). Start at one end and work to the other cutting scallops.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 3: ***Optional- If you want a nice finished edge you can use a zig-zag stitch to go all the way around the tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 4: Cut out 4 Christmas trees and sew on some button ornaments

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 5: Add some ric rac lights. Stitch the tree to the skirt using a zig-zag stitch tucking in the tails of your light strands as you go. I laid the trees out on the skirt, so that there was room for 4 trees and 3 presents in between- I didn’t do a present where the slit is to get the skirt on the tree

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 6: Add a button star to the top

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 7: Cut out 3 presents to go inbetween the trees. Stitch down with a zig-zag stitch tucking in your ric rac tails as you go

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Felt Tree Skirt Step 1: . Add a nice ric rac bow to the top of each present.

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern | DIY Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Enjoy your beautifully dressed tree! Yes… we have a Charlie Brown tree. It’s about 3 ft. tall, but it’s real!

There you have it – two different Christmas Tree Skirt tutorials. Hopefully you were able to use our Christmas tree skirt pattern and tutorial ideas to come up with something for yourself. As always, if you have questions or would like to share what you make, come over and join our Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Facebook Group.

Other Christmas Tutorials

If you enjoyed this Christmas sewing project, be sure to check out some of these other tutorials:

24 Responses

    1. I made something similar to this pattern many years ago. I just took the one template in the size I wanted. I used 6 fabrics… 3 for one side and 3 for the other. I made as many of the wedges as I needed, depending on the size of the skirt. I chose a green background, white background and red background (approx 1 yard each)..3 fabrics were more for children and 3 were more for prettiness…to flip over as I needed). I took the 3 children fabrics and alternated the colors and sewed the seams. I did the same for the prettiness side. Then I took the two sides, right sides together leaving the edges open where it would meet .. i did not use ribbons. Then I put batting between them, and essentially made a sandwich. I then added a ruffle of green.. sewed that in… then turned it rightside out.. it looked finished. I then sewed the sides that would join. As it is always in the back of the tree, it does look unfinished. It can be finished with binding, but I have never worried about it. I have had this skirt for 30 years. It is been amazing. The pattern included here is essentially the same. The directions are probably MUCH better than mine and this is beautiful. Just measure your wedge pieces to as wide or as long as you need them… You can make varying sizes as needed :D. I hope this isnt too confusing. 😀

    1. What seems to be missing is that we need to take the Three pattern Pieces and tape them together from largest on the bottom to smallest on the top.

      Piece 3
      Piece 2
      Piece 1

      to make the ‘almost Pie slice’ large enough for each of the 16 panels needed.

      Only Piece 1 says to lay on the fold, but once all three pieces are taped together, that would make sense, and the pattern laying on the 3/4 yard would use most of the 3/4 yard.

      Does that help?

  1. Is this pattern only free to new signups? I already am signed up for the newsletters and the Facebook group I don’t see any code that I can use.

  2. Soooo i was so excited to start this pattern. Make sure you PRINT it out and do NO trace it from an enlarged picture on your computer… I am now making a 16 piece tree skirt.

  3. I’m obviously missing something here…I have the pattern pieces ( 3 of them) but it looks like the panels are only 1 piece????

  4. Hey Amy – thank you so much for keeping this 2014 post up! I’m sorry it took me eons to find it, but I made my first tree skirt over New Year’s weekend – whoo hoo! I added an embellishment or two and really had a lot of fun! Just wanted to thank you again for sharing. Happy 2018 to you! 🙂

  5. i am trying to make a skirt for a Christmas tree. I am use christmas man ties. But I am having trouble how many do I need and should I put a liner inside the ties are all silk. Please help if any one had made one with ties

  6. This is a nice tutorial, but I’m a little confused. I printed out the pattern and used that to cut my material. When I started putting it together (all 16 pieces) I realized it’s only half of the tree skirt. The 1″ box on the tutorial measures accurately with my ruler. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Did you put the three pieces of the pattern together end to end? I have not made this, but thought it may have not been clear that all three need to be joined.
      Good luck with your project. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Ky, that makes sense. I never would have figured that out on my own. Very little info provided and it certainly was not clear.

    2. I had the same issue. Needed almost double to make a complete circle. I cut the pattern properly and was also generous when cutting the fabric.

    3. I seriously thought i did something wrong!! I sewed my 16 pieces together and was like hmmmmm where is the other half!

  7. I’ve been searching for a good tutorial, and I love that your’s is so straight forward and easy to understand, while still being descriptive enough to get a good idea of what the finished product will be! Thank you thank you for taking the time to share this!

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