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DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Mother is the necessity of invention, right?  Well, I’ve had a lot of necessities lately!  I noticed last week that my favorite makeup bag had

6 DIY Tutorials for Jeans Alterations

Finding a pair of perfectly fitting jeans is a fantastic feeling, Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, finding ready-to-wear jeans that fit just right

10 Free Apron Patterns

One of my goals this year is to have all of my Christmas presents ready to go before December so I can really enjoy the

Bias Tape Bracelet Tutorial

If you know me personally, you will know that I typically don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I have a few family rings that I

Mommy & Me Sewing Project

Hi there! Sarah here from The Crazy Tailor with a fun little project to do with a little help from your kiddos! This would make

Hangout Hoodie for You!

That’s right! The Hangout Hoodie is all grown up and the perfect sew for you! Today I get to introduce you to… The Hampton Hoodie

Tutorial: Chevron Dress

I’m so excited to be part of the Summer Sun Dress series again! And this time I used it as an excuse to do a

DIY Maxi Skirt | Free Tutorial

I LOVE maxi skirts! So incredibly comfortable but you can still look put together. I hope you enjoy this DIY Maxi Skirt Tutorial.    Big

Lazy Day Tunic

Remember the Anchors Away Tee? I loved it so much I made one for me! With a few grown up changes:) Let’s get started! Go

Pocket Skirt Tutorial

 Don’t you just love skirts with pockets! They’re just so comfy and you have a place to stash your chap stick:) And this skirt is

Dahlia Tee Tutorial

Nothing says summer like a new tee! And with a dahlia embellishment this tee is ready for anything! On my dumpster diving mission {read more

Re-Purposed Mom & Me Bermudas

 Did you remember to celebrate Earth Day on Friday? In honor of Mother Earth I have an up-cycling project to share with you: Going green