Adding ruffle on the straps on the Darcy romper.

I am so excited to share my hack on the Darcy romper & dress pattern on this post. I decided to add ruffle on the straps and it turned out to be so cute!

I will now walk you through the steps, but first you need to have the pattern on hand. If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can grab it here.  Print out the pattern according to the size and option that you desire. Cut all the pattern pieces as the pattern states, but for the straps, add ¼ inch on the width only.  Cut your fabrics and sew as per instructions until you reach step number 9 because we are going to sew it differently.

Take the strap and fold it wrong side together along its length and press. Temporarily open. Fold the strap towards the wrong side of the fabric by 3/8 inch along both long edges and press. Fold one short end ¼ inch towards the wrong side of the fabric and press. Temporarily open all the folds. Repeat the steps for the other strap

We are now going to draw the ruffle piece. Take a piece of paper, pencil and French curve. The length for the ruffle piece is length of strap + ( length of strap × 0.75). For example if the length of strap is 10 so total length for ruffle piece is 10+ ( 10 × 0.75) = 17.5 inch.  I like my ruffle to be 2 inch width, add ¼ seam allowance so the total width will be 2.25 inch. Since knit don’t fray so I decided to do rolled hem for the edges.  Now draw a rectangle with your desired length and width. Draw half the length and write at one short edge – cut 2 on fold. At the other short edge, draw slight curve as in the picture.

Now cut your paper piece and transfer it to fabric. Cut two ruffle pieces .

Finish the curved edge with rolled hem. Gather the other edge of the ruffle piece. Set your stitch length to the longest and sew two rows of stitches . One is ¼ inch from the raw edge and second is ½ inch from the raw edge. Repeat for the other piece.

Gather the ruffle to fit between the short end of the strap and place it 2.5″ – 3″ above from both short end. Distribute the gather evenly

Now open all the creases from the strap  that you made before. Place the wrong side of ruffle facing the right side of strap. Repeat for the other ruffle, being sure you have two mirrored straps. Match the raw edges of ruffle with the raw edges of strap. Pin in place and baste using a ¼ inch seam allowance.

View from right side

Fold the 3/8 inch that you pressed before at the ruffle side towards the center.

Fold the strap back over along the folds and edgestitch both sides of the strap.

Now that your ruffled straps are done you can continue to step 10.

Darcy romper pants with strap option #2

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