9 Printable Sewing Cheat Sheets

Printable Sewing Cheat Sheets

There are so many little pieces of information that it would be nice to have right at my fingertips while I am sewing. I have found several sewing cheat sheets that you can print out for free and have right on hand to save you time and effort, leaving you more time to create beautiful things!

9 Printable Sewing Cheat Sheets

1. Sewing Terms and Stitches from This Pilgrim Life

This is a great for the beginning sewist as a reminder of basic sewing terms and techniques.


2.  Yardage Conversion Chart from hookedonsewing.com

If your fabric a different width from that called for in the pattern, then this chart will make converting the yardage requirements a cinch.


3. Notching and Clipping Guide

Have trouble remembering when to notch and where to clip?  This guide from Cucicucicoo will help you keep it straight.


4. Knit Fabric 101 Guide

This Guide to knit fabric will show you exactly which fabric would be appropriate for your apparel sewing needs.

5. Bias Tape Calculator

Calculating fabric requirements for making bias tape can be tricky.  This printable from The Sewing Loft has a formula to make it simple.


6. How to Prepare Fabric for Sewing

While not technically a cheat sheet, this blog post will show you information necessary to make sure you are properly preparing your fabric before sewing.

7. Yardage to Inches Conversion Chart

This cute card from Everyday Celebrate helps convert from yards to inches easily.

Yardage Card yellow

8. Needle Guide

I love this printable from Burda Style with info on choosing needles and thread for different fabrics.


9. Sewing Journals

If you’ve ever thought about keeping a sewing journal, then we have a whole blog post that rounds up some guides and resources to do this and help you keep track of what you want to sew and what you’ve actually accomplished.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe you can answer this, How do I keep knits from stretching so mych when I sew the seams. I have released the pressure as much as I can.

  2. Thank you so much! I especially like the Sewing Journal. I have been sewing my entire life, MANY years LOL, and never thought about doing this, Great idea, and I plan to start today.

  3. Thank you for the various cheat sheets! They all look like issues that will help me. An area I would love to find help with is concerning neckline interfacing. For some reason I just can’t figure out patterns and what they’re saying to do. Has anyone found something that is helpful in this area?
    Thank you all very much!

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