Customized Christmas Gift Tag + Ornament

Woman holding gift with holly wrapping and is tied with a custom gift tag.

Our family had a reunion in Yosemite over the summer, and I ended up with about 25 extra 3” circle stickers with our logo. This logo and sticker are sentimental to many of us, so I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. But, I had nothing meaningful to do with them! Then it hit me – I could make ornaments as gifts for everyone!

Group photo of family at Yosemite wearing matching blue shirts

I woke up the next morning with the idea to put the circular stickers on round wooden ornaments from Amazon! I found a big pack that measure to about 3” and took the plunge. Note: Each round is real wood, so they vary slightly in size and shape. In order to fit many of the stickers on, I cut down the stickers and gave them a hole punch so I could thread it into an ornament. This way, each member of our family can have a (nearly free) memento from our trip!

red background with circular wooden ornaments made with wood pieces and custom stickers.

After I completed this step, I was thinking how with 25 of us, they were bound to get mixed up and lost over Christmas vacation. So, I decided to add everyone’s name to the back. I typed up our list of names, put them in a script font I like, and printed that page. Then, when I sat down with a sharpie to write everybody’s names, I looked at the letter shape on my font page for reference. I recommend it!

I used a spool of raffia to loop through the name tags and attach them to the gifts. I think natural tan raffia is so classic and will go with basically everything.

sample wooden ornament with name written in Sharpie and a list of other family names

I am so excited to have a personal and meaningful gift for each member of my family for Christmas. It makes the pretty wrapping too!

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