Back to School Feast Ideas

Back to school feasts are gaining popularity among young families, and for good reason! They are an easy and memorable tradition to kick off a new school year. I love fresh starts and this meal has been a fun way for us to celebrate this new beginning and each of our children.

Set the Mood for Back to School

Every year we have a crown! Whether you use a crown or something else, wearing something unifying really sets the meal apart and makes it feel special. Some years I have made the crowns of felt, fabric, construction paper, and this year I used border trim intended for bulletin boards! I got the lettering and the trim from Dollar Tree, so $2 total for all of our crowns!

Table set with a globe and place settings with a back to school theme.

This meal is 90% about the decor + activities and 10% about the food! We eat every day, but this meal is made special by the table setting and meal conversation. This year, our theme for the meal was back to school- so we turned red plates into apples, made a ruler for a table runner, and decorated with staplers, tape and scissors. It doesn’t have to be fancy to be memorable! The kids made pencil crafts earlier in the week to go as name tags. It is fun to work on the projects for a few days leading up to the meal, and involve the kids in whatever you can!

Banner with theme message painted on.

Choose A Back to School Mission

The mission our family will be focusing on this school year is “The Power to Choose.” We talk a lot about how we have the power to make our choice, but we cannot choose the consequence. We have the power to choose how we feel, how we react and how we treat other people.

Child sticking starts with positive messages on a window.

The highlight of the feast was putting up gold stars for each other! It is always so positive to look for the good in each other and give public praise. Everyone wrote a commendable attribute for each other on a gold star and put it up under each others’ names. We read them aloud and clapped for each person!

Time to Eat!

For the food, we ate a family favorite: chicken pillows and rice! Asparagus is a special treat around our house, and shrimp was the most requested item! A simple but fun meal to celebrate!

Place setting that looks like an apple.  Plate contains asparagus, potatoes and shrimp.

Back to School Picture Time!

Mother and Child with back to school crowns with their names on them.

As part of our program, I take a picture with each of my children individually. The kids know to expect this and it’s special for me! I hope my kids realize how much I love them and how much their parents are rooting for them.

Good luck to you with your back to school feasts! May it be memorable and fulfilling for your family!

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  1. Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and they have to get used to the academic routine and each other again. So a little feast for the children to support them is a very good idea)
    Children grow up and become independent, but parental support is important at ages 7 and 17. It is in our power to teach important social skills: getting along with others, ending toxic relationships, and finding people you care about.

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