Sensory Paint Bag for Toddlers

This is a great sensory project that helps teach colors too! I am always on the hunt for projects to keep my 2 year old busy, and ideally not making a mess while I’m working on other things! This project has been a favorite for all 3 of my kids and I’m excited to share the details with you!

Toddler mixing paint in a bag with baby oil

Sensory Painting Supplies

You likely have all the supplies you need already at home!

-A freezer grade gallon ziploc bag

-Water-based paint! I like to use 3 colors

-Baby Oil

-Strong tape to secure the bag closure

baby oil, paint, tape, ziploc bag

Let the “Painting” Begin!

Pour medium sized dots of paint inside your bag, keeping them spaced out until you get the oil in. I have always used baby oil, but you could try using vegetable oil or whatever you have on hand!

paint and oil being mixed in a bag

Get all the air out and tape the top of the Ziploc securely closed. The oil will repel the water based paint, so your child can push and move them around to their heart’s desire! My son is a bit cautious and took a few minutes to get into it, but soon go the hang of it!

Toddler mixing paint in bag

It’s so empowering to move that paint around! My son’s speech therapist recommends using a maximum of 3 colors when teaching colors to a child. More than that can feel overwhelming and cause the child to take a lot longer to learn any of the colors! I am taking her advice and letting less be more!

Toddler having fun painting with paint in a zip top bag

I hope you and yours enjoy this project like we do in our family!

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  1. Great idea! If you use primary colours eg red, yellow and blue then these will mix to make secondary colours -orange, green and purple. But If you start with orange, green and purple they mix to make sludgy colours. 🙂 not that 2 year olds mind that I’m sure:)

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